Her hands had become deformed. Her knees were swollen and painful. No longer could she carry groceries upstairs. She needed help with the simplest of tasks. Medications caused her to suffer stomach problems. It seemed that surgery was inevitable.

San San Myint was once overwhelmed by suffering. Then an unexpected opportunity opened the door to the freedom of physical health and a joyous lightness of spirit. Let’s watch this awe-inspiring transformation.

Released From Rheumatism
San San Myint’s Story

At 5.30 am sharp every morning, San San Myint, 65, appears at the tree, sets up a music player, and waits for a group of people. They are students who, like her, enjoy walking around a tree. Every day, they walk in circles. This is Energy Bagua, taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi. San San Myint said that persisting in practicing Energy Bagua every day has allowed her to say goodbye to rheumatism.

I have had rheumatism for over 10 years. In 2005, when I was ill, I couldn’t take medications at first. But when the pain was severe, I would see a doctor and then take some medications. The doctor said, “Your illness is serious. You can’t do without taking medications. Your bones are slowly deforming. You had better take medications. Though medications can’t cure the illness, they can prevent it from worsening.”

San San Myint used to work in Japan, where medical care was the best in the world. Prescription medications controlled her pain and slowed the progression of the illness, but did not help her deforming bones.

When the illness became very serious, my hands were affected by edema. I had severe pain in my hands. When the edema first attacked, my hands swelled every day. My hands used to be the prettiest among my 5 sisters. They all praised my slender fingers. Now the bones are deformed, so my hands are ugly. Japanese girls used to praise my pretty fingers. After I returned to Myanmar and stopped taking medications, my hands became deformed. Then I couldn’t lift or pull things.

I was afraid to take the stairs, and I couldn’t go outside to exercise. I don’t rely on others’ help. In Japan, I lived alone. Here, I don’t rely on anyone either. What I feared most was not being able to walk and go outside. I was afraid of being lifted or carried by others. After I returned to Myanmar, how could I find a cure?

After returning to Myanmar, San San Myint continued seeking medical cures. One trial after another led to one disappointment after another. Her condition was worsening.

In Myanmar, doctors only give painkillers to control the symptoms instead of curing the illness. Dosages became larger, and my stomach couldn’t stand it. I used to practice tai chi. Tai chi wasn’t easy to practice, as my feet hurt. I stopped tai chi practice. The doctor asked me not to walk for 3 months, especially not up the stairs. After I had rested for 3 months, my feet felt better, so I resumed tai chi practice. After practicing tai chi, my feet hurt again while walking. I had to see a doctor. The doctor said, “Your illness is serious; it has reached stage 3. Why do you have to walk? You might need surgery on your legs due to tendon and vessel damage. There are serious troubles ahead.”

He prescribed me some medications. I took them for 2 months. After 6 weeks, my stomach couldn’t stand it anymore. So I am afraid of taking medications. At my last checkup, I asked the nurse, “What medications are they?” “Painkillers.” Since then, I stopped buying medications or seeing a doctor.

Diligently seeking medical cures led to no result. San San Myint was very frustrated. One of her problems was unbearable pain, the other was serious side effects of medications. When she was at a crisis point, her friend recommended she try Energy Bagua. She started to practice Energy Bagua daily in Tha Khin Mya park. Would this new venture transform her health conditions?

What exercises do others do? I had to find a good exercise to help me. Then I found Energy Bagua. After practicing it, I stopped taking all medications. At Daw Khin Hla’s recommendation, I started to practice Energy Bagua. I feel good. Before Energy Bagua practice, my knees hurt when I walked down the stairs. I had to move slowly. When shopping, I had to walk slowly. Through practicing Energy Bagua, I felt lighter every day. When I walked up the stairs, this feeling was obvious. After finishing practice, my knees feel better. If I don’t practice, my feet hurt more and feel stiffer. After practice, my feet are very light. The difference is evident. Walking up and down the stairs, I feel fine.

When I started practicing Energy Bagua, my hand was curved like this. Later, it became soft and has now recovered. After practicing Energy Bagua for 6 months, I had a blood test. All indexes had dropped by half. I am not sure. The results may be here. 21 is January’s. This is the past one on Nov 12th. This is January 1st. If I don’t get to morning practice of Energy Bagua, I feel like I am dying. I have to get up to practice, even if it rains. My sisters criticized me, “The rain is heavy. Why do you still go?” I have to go. My whole family criticized me. Now my feet have recovered. My sisters no longer criticize me.

As I am much better, I don’t need to depend on others. In the past, people helped me carry grocery bags up the stairs. I had to leave groceries downstairs. My sisters helped me carry them up. I couldn’t carry them. Now I carry them myself. I don’t need others’ help. How wonderful! I can do everything myself. I am happy. I don’t want to rely on others.

Through Energy Bagua practice, San San Myint’s legs and feet no longer ache. A blood test showed that her rheumatism indexes dropped by half. Now, San San Myint easily goes up and down stairs and can shop on her own. She no longer needs her family’s help or care.

A small step leads to 1,000 miles of progress; streams converge to form a river and then a sea. San San’s benefits come from her persistent daily practice. If you persist in your practice, you will benefit.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.