Sheng Guanghui | Los Angeles, USA

My name is Sheng Guanghui. I’d suffered from severe insomnia since 2018. As well as being awake all night, I also experienced pain and tightness in my chest, making it impossible to fall asleep for even a minute. Sometimes, when I couldn’t bear it anymore, I would go to the emergency room where doctors would give me an injection to ease my chest pain.

Once, I couldn’t bear it anymore and went to a hospital to see a psychiatrist. After checking me, the doctor told me my problem cannot go on and he prescribed a strong medication to ease my problem.

The medication did allow me to sleep, but it was not normal sleep. When I slept, my body would alternate between hot and cold. Sometimes it was as if I had gone into an ice cavern, sometimes as if I was in a sauna, and I would sweat profusely. As a result, I felt lethargic during the day. Later, following the doctor’s advice, I took different medications, but none of them helped me fall sleep. Moreover, they caused much suffering – endocrine, digestion, nervous system, and even urination was affected, which at one point required me to have a catheter. After Western medicine failed to treat my insomnia, I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture. I tried various short and long needles, even the needles as thick as chopsticks. After all these attempts, I still couldn’t get rid of my insomnia.

By chance, I saw a Bodhi Meditation magazine, which gave me a glimmer of hope. I thought that if Energy Bagua could help me get rid of insomnia, I wouldn’t have to suffer any longer from the medication’s side effects, so I decided to give it a try.

Ma-hen, manager of Schabarum Energy Bagua Practice Point: When he first came to us, he was leaning on his parents; he couldn’t talk or walk properly because he was too weak. He even had a catheter. When he first started practicing with us, he couldn’t circle for even five minutes.

At the beginning, I could only follow the senior brothers and sisters slowly around the outer circle. I’d have to sit down and rest every few minutes. At that time, I couldn’t even do the closing exercises because bending down to pat my body required a lot of effort, and I didn’t have enough energy. However, I came to practice almost every day as I felt my sleep quality was improving daily. About a week later, I could almost keep up with everyone.

After practicing for a month, my insomnia improved. After seeing the results, I gradually reduced my medication until I stopped taking it altogether (Editor’s note: Bodhi Meditation does not advocate self-reducing or stopping medication. Please follow medical advice). I happily found that I could still fall asleep even though the medication dosage was reduced.

Energy Bagua helped me a lot. After practicing for a month, my body went through a major transformation physically and mentally. Simply being able to sleep was something I hadn’t dared to imagine. Additionally, my body was no longer as weak as it had been, but was becoming stronger and stronger.

After practicing for about six months, my insomnia disappeared. I’ve been able to sleep well and my body has reached a healthy state.

Ma-hen, manager of Schabarum Energy Bagua Practice Point: His energy shows that he’s completely different than he used to be. He once told me he was full of energy and felt as if he had more than enough energy in his body. He even cycled uphill.

Energy Bagua brought me back from hell to heaven. Thanks to Energy Bagua, I’ve got my health and confidence back, and my life has become more meaningful and exciting. The changes are huge, and I love Energy Bagua very much. I want to promote Energy Bagua so that everyone can benefit from it.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)