Kim Heegeun | Busan,Korea

Kim Heegeun: I’m fascinated with Energy Bagua. It’s amazing.

I’ve been in the construction industry for fifty years. I have over 300 employees, and payroll cost around 1.7 billion Korean won monthly. I was busy taking care of my business and developed diabetes. My blood glucose level reached 300 mg/dL. The complications of diabetes were troubling. Urination was difficult due to prostate enlargement. I have to get up 4-5 times a night. 

Can you sleep well when you get up 4-5 times a night?

 Kim Heegeun: I wake up every 2 hours.

The working capital of the construction industry is in the 100s billion range. Sometimes I can’t sleep well or eat well due to funding issues. I was stubborn and focused on business, so my health continued to deteriorate. 

Kim Heegeun’s Secretary: He received the most prestigious entrepreneur award in 2019 – the Presidential Medal and the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit. That’s when his health was at its worst. He couldn’t even sit down for too long. He had to lie in the back seat when he was in the car.

Kim Heegeun: I found Energy Bagua when I had no way out. After 3 months, my blood circulation improved. My blood glucose level improved. Does your blood glucose level reach 300mg/dL now? Not anymore. The highest might be around 200mg/dL.

Construction is heavy physical work, and it gave me a bad temper. “Kiddo, how could you work like this?” Sometimes, I lose my temper. 

Kim Heegeun’s Secretary: Our chairman is hot-tempered. He’s like a mighty tiger, authoritative. Employees used to be afraid to have a conversation with him. Every word he said was like a bomb exploding.

Kim Heegeun: Energy Bagua practice changed my temperament. 

Are the employees happy with the chairman’s good temper? Yes. Chairman now has a milder temper. 

It’s the result of walking Energy Bagua.

Kim Heegeun: I am busy working on 15 construction sites right now. The busier I am, the more I need Energy Bagua. One session is not enough; I practice 2 – 5 sessions daily. Amazingly, you don’t feel hungry after Energy Bagua practice. After a few hours of other exercises, you feel starving as your blood glucose level decreases rapidly. Energy Bagua makes you full of energy, light as a bird.

Energy Bagua practice made urinating easier and improved sleeping.

I’m very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi; so emotional and teary. I’m healthy and happy now! Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Although I haven’t met Grandmaster JinBodhi in person, I feel compassion from his photo. It comforts and soothes me. I am incredibly grateful. Grandmaster JinBodhi, I love you.

Is there time to practice Energy Bagua? 

Let’s check the schedule. There are about 2 hours for practice. 

Excellent! Let’s practice Energy Bagua!

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)