Mo Cuichan | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Red, swollen, itchy skin

My name is Mo Cuie. Before practicing Energy Bagua, I suffered from sensitive skin for at least four years. Every time it flared up, my face would become red, swollen, hot, and itchy. I saw a skin specialist but they only prescribed a medicated cream for my skin. The cream had a short-term effect and didn’t address the root of the problem. My condition would temporarily improve, but flare up again later.

During hot weather, if my skin was exposed to the sun, my skin problem would flare up. Scratching was how I stopped the itch on my face, but it would hurt my face and it hurt even more when I washed my face. I also had rashes on my neck. When I’d sweat, the rashes would itch, leading to more scratching, and I’d then have to apply the cream again to relieve the problem. That became an endless cycle.

Labored breathing; forced to sleep in sitting position

I also had asthma, which developed during my second pregnancy in 1999. When it attacked, I’d have to sit up to make breathing easier, otherwise falling back to sleep was difficult. At its worst, I almost couldn’t breathe, and I’d gasp until my eyes rolled back. This scared me, and I would sit up all night because I was afraid to fall asleep. For this, I went to see a specialist who prescribed steroids to treat my allergies and asthma. I had to take the medication daily, otherwise I heard a wheezing sound coming from my chest when I breathed.

More than 10 years of shoulder pain

I also had issues with my knees. I had a knee injury from exercising and had seen a doctor who specialized in sprains and bruises. I applied treatment as I was told. After my knee recovered, I noticed that my knees would suddenly become weak while walking, causing me to fall, twist my ankle, or even get injured. I was worried that one day, I might have to be hospitalized due to a severe fall. To avoid falling, I always held the handrail while going up and down stairs.

I’d also been suffering from shoulder pain for over a decade. Although I had received physical therapy, the problem remained unresolved. When my shoulder hurt, I was uncomfortable and couldn’t muster the strength to pull the seat belt when getting into a car. Sometimes, the pain was unbearable and I had to take painkillers.

Recovered from skin allergy after practicing Energy Bagua for 6 months

After practicing Energy Bagua for about three months, my knees gradually became stronger, and I have not fallen since. I can easily go up and down stairs without holding the handrail. After six months of practicing, the frequency of my sensitive skin outbreaks also decreased to once every two months, which was a significant improvement.

Asthma disappeared after practicing Energy Bagua

The changes in my physical condition have increased my confidence, so I have been persistently practicing Energy Bagua for several years now. My sensitive skin has disappeared, and the small red dots on my neck are gone and no longer itchy. Many of the physical problems have gradually disappeared, especially my asthma. I had to take medication daily to control asthma attacks, but since I started practicing Energy Bagua, I slowly reduced the dosage until I no longer needed them. Practicing Energy Bagua helped a lot with my asthma, and now it is completely gone.

Shoulder pain gone; knees regained strength, able to walk again

Besides practicing Energy Bagua, I also do Energy Bagua Aerobics. Thanks to Energy Bagua Aerobics, my shoulder pain completely disappeared after about six months. Both Energy Bagua and Energy Bagua Aerobics dealt with many of my physical problems. I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi, and I will continue my practices. Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi, I love you!

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)

(Bodhi Meditation does not encourage medication reducing/discontinuing without medical approval.)