Lei Xinlan| San Francisco, USA

Life Affected Because of Insomnia and Nocturia

My name is Lei Xinlan. When I was in my 40s, funding my three children’s college fees put me in a stressful state and led to the deterioration of my health.

The heavy pressure of life caused insomnia for a long time. When I went to bed, I tossed and turned but couldn’t fall asleep. And then, I had to get up to go to the bathroom three or four times a night. As a result, I ended up sleeping for about two to three hours. It was tormenting.

Insomnia Caused Long-term Headaches

Due to my insomnia, the right side of my head was always stiff, numb, and painful. I was worried that these could be a precursor for a stroke, so I went to see a doctor. The CT scan result showed that my brain was fine, but the discomfort was ongoing and affecting my life.

Low Immunity Led to Catching Colds Easily and Cold Feet and Hands

I saw a TCM doctor and tried acupuncture for almost a year, but it didn’t help much. However, my immune system also developed some problems; I caught colds easily. Whenever I did, the symptoms lasted about 10 days, making my headaches even worse. My hands and feet were always cold. My health problems put me in a bad mood all the time, and I got angry easily, making the atmosphere at home very tense.

Insomnia and Cold Hands and Feet Disappeared Thanks to Energy Bagua

I tried different TCM medicines but they didn’t help much. After practicing Energy Bagua for about two months, my hands and feet began to warm up, which made me very excited! After about three months of practicing, my sleep improved. I used to sleep two to three hours a night, and then I could sleep for four to five hours. With more practice, my sleep completely returned to normal. Now I can sleep from 11 pm to 5 am. I wake up every day refreshed and happy.

Increased Immunity and Disappearance of Astigmatism Thanks to Energy Bagua

Before practicing Energy Bagua, I had astigmatism with a degree of 200 to 300. After practicing Energy Bagua, the astigmatism disappeared. My immune system has also improved, and I have barely caught a cold for six to seven years now. I had a dark spot on the left side of my face for 10 years, but now it’s gone. My friends say I’ve gotten younger, and that makes me so happy!

My temper has improved so much now, and my husband says I look happy when he returns home from work. Grandmaster JinBodhi has restored my health and given me a new life. My family is grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi and Bodhi Meditation!

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)