Foen Lv | Penang, Malaysia

10 Years of Insomnia Bothered Me A Lot

I’m Foen Lv and I’m 57 years old. I’m a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner working at a TCM clinic.

10 years ago, I began to suffer from insomnia. Every night, I had to read or drink beer in order to fall asleep. Sometimes those 2 methods didn’t work, and I couldn’t sleep until 2 or 3 am. Because I only slept for 4 hours at night, I was exhausted when I got up. I didn’t have enough energy to work efficiently.

The Trigger Finger Was Painful

In 2014, I also got the slingshot finger (trigger finger) disease. Every morning when I got up, my ring finger was very stiff, and I couldn’t wear my ring. I had to straighten it with my other hand before putting on the ring. Each time, after about a minute or two, the finger would bounce back, and it would always hurt. Sometimes I couldn’t get it into the normal position. Therefore, I dared not straighten it by force every time. According to modern medicine, if that disease is severe, the doctor will suggest surgery, but I dared not do that.

10 Years of Varicose Veins Bothered Me A Lot

Because I had to work standing up for a long periods of time, I got varicose veins 10 years ago. Many blue veins appeared on my calf muscles. When I wore shorts, one could see them, and they were very ugly. If not cured, they would cause many complications, such as ulcers and swelling and pain in the legs and feet. After I saw on Facebook that Energy Bagua helped patients recover, I went to the Energy Bagua practice site in Farlim, Penang, to learn Energy Bagua.

My Insomnia, Trigger Finger and Varicose Veins Disappeared After Practicing

After a month of practicing Energy Bagua, I could fall asleep at 10 o’clock every night without reading or drinking beer. I could sleep until 5 o’clock the next morning. I no longer felt tired after getting up. After 6 months of practice, I woke up in the morning and found that my fingers were no longer stiff and swollen, and I could wear the ring easily, which made me very happy. About 6 months after I started to practice, my varicose veins were gone, and the veins on my calf muscles no longer showed. Now my body is healthy, and my sleep disorder and joint problems have disappeared.

I am grateful for the method that Grandmaster taught me. In the future, I will contribute to developing more Energy Bagua practice sites to help more people. Thank you, Grandmaster!

Note: As a TCM practitioner, different patients come to see Lv daily. For those patients who didn’t want to take medication or whose diseases could not be cured by modern medicine, Foen Lv did not give up on them but encouraged them to practice Energy Bagua. He used to be their doctor, but now they have become daily practice partners because Lv wants to help them get healthy. You can see Lv accompany his patients to practice every day in all kinds of weather. Energy Bagua lead them to a new path for health, and Lv has found a new mission.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)