Meiyun Ye| Penang, Malaysia

Tracheitis Seriously Affected My Life

My name is Meiyun Ye, and I’m 52 years old. I had chronic tracheitis since I was in my 30s. Whenever I had an attack, I couldn’t stop coughing and had a lot of mucus. That disease was quite severe because I even had blood in my sputum, and it keeps recurring. Every time I had an attack, I felt like my trachea was blocked, making it difficult to breathe. Every time it recurred, it would take weeks or months to recover.

After seeing my medical records, the doctor told me, “Your tracheitis seems seasonal and will recur when the weather changes.” He thought my tracheitis was due to allergies and inherited, so he asked me, “Does anyone in your family have this disease?”

I said, “Yes, my father. He has attacks 4 or 5 times a year.”

I also felt uncomfortable whenever my husband flipped the newspaper pages next to me. I had to ask him to leave because the smell of the newspaper made my trachea uncomfortable and sensitive. It also made me cough constantly. Because of the chronic tracheitis, my chest has sunken from my coughing.

Thalassemia Made Me Feel Cold and Dizzy

In addition, during a blood test in my childhood, the medical staff found the number of red blood cells too low. After further examination, they discovered that I had inherited thalassaemia (also known as Cooley’s Anemia), so I had little color in my cheeks. Later, my mother, sister and son also tested positive for that disease. Common anemia can be improved by eating iron-rich food. However, thalassemia is a genetic disease, so no drug can cure it.

Because of anemia, I was afraid of the cold. The weather in Malaysia is sweltering, but even a gust of wind made me feel cold. My fingernails and toenails were purple. Therefore, I usually refused to turn on the air conditioner. I felt dizzy when I was in a crowd and lost my balance. Once, when I was standing in line to pay, I felt very dizzy because there were too many people, which led to hypoxia. So, I fainted suddenly.

My Tracheitis Improved After 2 Months of Practicing Energy Bagua

Because taking medication didn’t work, I decided to see a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. It just happened that the practitioner was Huaibang, the head of an Energy Bagua practice site. So Huaibang introduced me to Energy Bagua and recommended I practice Energy Bagua at his practice site.

After 2 months of practicing with others, I found my tracheitis had greatly improved, encouraging me to keep practicing every day.

The Dizziness and Feeling Cold Improved

After practicing for about 6 months, the dizziness was gone. Even if I stand for a long time, stand up after squatting, or am in a crowd, I no longer get dizzy. In addition, after practice, my body becomes very warm. My hands and feet are no longer cold, and my fingers are no longer purple but have become rosier. Now, I don’t need to wear long-sleeved clothes or coats outdoors.

I have practiced Energy Bagua for about 4 years. Now, my chronic cough is completely gone. I don’t have a tracheitis attack even if I smell newspapers or perfumes. I feel I can breathe easier.

I remember Grandmaster once said that he was not afraid of all our illnesses but was most afraid that people do not know Energy Bagua. I am very grateful for Energy Bagua, taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi, which made me healthy and happy. I have recovered my health and volunteer at the Energy Bagua practice site and Meditation Center after work. Being able to help others is the most meaningful thing I have done in my life. Energy Bagua is so effective and easy to learn. I hope to lead more people to practice Energy Bagua and let more people benefit from it. Thank you, Grandmaster!

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)