David | Vancouver, Canada

My name is David Wong. I’m a pharmacist.

I had a back injury about 10 years ago, and disc problems. I was off work for about a year. Back in about 2017, I was in a car accident, and that re-aggravated my injury. I experiencing a lot pain, like sharp stabbing pain, and I was getting a lot treatment. I was doing physio; I was also doing chiropractor, massage, doing exercise myself like strengthening exercises, acupuncture as well, but nothing was really helping.

I was experiencing some nighttime urination, so at night I would have to wake up around 5am in the morning, and I will really have to go to the washroom. I was suffering from that for about 2 or 3 years. I even went to the doctor\’s, they said my tests were fine, kidneys were fine, and I thought: \’Oh okay, maybe I\’m just aging, I mean I\’m getting old.\’ At that time, I was 35, maybe it just prostate problems.

My friend, who also practices Energy Bagua, said \’Hey, why not come and try it out?\’ And I said, \’Well, what do I have to lose right?\’ When I took the first Energy Bagua course, three days after I was just learning, that nighttime urination went away. That made me continue coming to do Energy Bagua. Now, I don\’t experience sharp back pain anymore. My legs, my overall body, and immune system are stronger. Energy Bagua improves my stability. After I started practicing Energy Bagua, I felt a lot more stable. Just strengthening my legs and feet, that was quite helpful as well for my back.

When I do Energy Bagua, I have more energy. Then once I finish my work, I\’m able to do other things with my time, and also spend time with family and friends. In the summer, I would do the Grouse Grind better than I thought, because I didn\’t do any training, I didn\’t run, I didn\’t do any other cardio workout at all. Energy Bagua is actually helping improve my cardio. Now I think, \’Wow I can go and see the world.\’


(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)