Chris | Vancouver, Canada

Hello everyone, my name is Chris, I am from Vancouver.

At the beginning it was my wife who learned Energy Bagua and wanted me to walk with her. We usually walk for about an hour and half. At that time, I was about 190 pounds, a bit overweight. However, after six weeks of Energy Bagua, I lost 23 pounds, immediately looked fit.

I am a Taekwondo instructor. Because of overweight, it was pretty hard to demonstrate a movement, especially jumps. After losing 23 pounds, it becomes so much easier to demonstrate. Energy Bagua is terrific, truly effective in helping lose weight.

Another issue of mine is seasonal allergy, which started one year after I immigrated to Canada. In the spring, I would have to take medications for allergy, otherwise eyes will be red and uncomfortable, even breathing has problems.

I started to do Energy Bagua on Nov 28, the next spring, there was no symptoms at all, I don’t need allergy medicine anymore. The third issue is my injuries. When I was young, I used to participate in Taekwondo competitions. I dislocated my shoulder 2 to 3 times. Eventually there seemed to be blockages there, the shoulder cannot move freely, my right arm can only reach to a certain point.

After walking Energy Bagua for about 3 to 4 months, one day I felt like reaching the right hand to the back. After I have done that, I suddenly realized that my injury on the right arm was healed already. Before I was only able to use left hand when reaching back. This is really a miracle, the injury has bothered me for a long time. I also had very serious injury on my right knee, where the ligament was torn.

I had a surgery, but it didn’t help much. When the weather changes, the knee will be painful. When I squat down, because this knee is weaker, I can only squat down so much. When I needed to demonstrate a front kick, I didn’t dare to use force, like this — “pa”. If I did that, my knee wouldn’t be able to bear. But now, I can kick “pa” with force, no pain at all.

I am so grateful. It is all because Grandmaster JinBodhi taught us Energy Bagua, to allow us enjoy health. Thank you so much Grandmaster!


(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)