Grandmaster JinBodhi: Welcome. That reminds me of a doctor I helped 30 years ago who suffered severe varicose veins. Her doctor told her an amputation was the only solution. Her son heard about me and brought her to see me. I performed energy healing on her and taught her how to practice Energy Bagua. Her legs were dripping yellowish fluid and some parts of her legs had maggots on them. Imagine: She was a doctor yet unable to heal herself, despite trying various kinds of treatments. After giving her energy healing, I suggested she embrace Energy Bagua. After she had practiced for a month, the wounds on her legs had dried up and they were scabbing. Three months of practice later, new skin and flesh were forming, and she was so excited.
So, I do not think there is an effective medicine for the treatment of varicose veins; I suggest you try Energy Bagua. Try it and you may receive unexpected results.