David | Vancouver, Canada

My name is David Wong. I’m a pharmacist. And so I usually like to play volleyball, do that couple times a week, and also I do Energy Bagua.

I’ve been suffering from I guess pain, for quite some time. I had a back injury, back in about 10 years ago when I was lifting my grandpa out of my car. He was about 200 pounds, and I lifted him in the wrong way. So that throughout my back, and I had this problem for about a year. So after that it took me a long time to recover.

Back in about 2017, I was in a car accident, and that re-aggravated my injury; so I started experiencing a lot pain, like sharp stabbing pain, and then I was getting a lot treatment at that time. I was doing physio; I was also doing chiropractor; I was also doing massage, even tried doing exercise myself like strengthening exercises. So yeah, many things, acupuncture as well, but nothing was really helping. So my friend who also practicing Energy Bagua said “hey, why not come and try that out.” And I said “Well, what do I have to lose, right?”

What I did notice was at that time, I was experiencing some night time urination; so at night I would have to wake up around maybe like 5 in the morning, and I’d really have to go. When I took the first Energy Bagua course, so basically, 3 days after I was just learning the class, I didn’t finish yet, that went away. I was suffering from that for about 2 or 3 years. And I even went to doctors and they said, “You know, my tests were fine; kidneys were fine.” And I thought, okay maybe I’m just aging, right? I mean I’m getting old, right, at that time 35. So like, maybe it was just like prostate problem. So anyways, that went away. And that made me continue coming to do the Bagua.

I did that for about 2 to 3 times a week; I would come, from work. I would drive about 45 minutes after work, to the center, and I would practice my Bagua for about an hour and half and then go home. I mean that’s quite a bit of time of commitment, but I felt that was something that was really helpful for me. It was actually my health. That was very peaceful at that time as well.

After I started practicing the Bagua, my toes feel like they are actually gripping the ground. So I felt a lot more stable, for my body. So I think that was quite helpful as well for my back. because if you are unstable, then you could be moving and you could twist something; and something goes wrong easily. But because of that, just strengthening my legs and feet, that was already very helpful. I practiced to about 2019 January, and work got quite busy, so then I wasn’t able to come to the center.

Just before I started taking the course the second time, I was suffering from night sweats. My entire clothes would be just drenched, like wet. That happened for about 2 weeks. And after I came back and took the course for the second time, about 2 or 3 days later, it went away, like completely gone. That really made me want to continue my practice, because I knew how important this is for my health.

And after I finished that, I joined the membership, became a silver membership. And then I come about 5 times per week, every morning. Now I switched to the morning instead of coming after work. Because I found that, you know, that works for my schedule, and I got used to waking up kind earlier. Because I used to go at 9, but now I would wake up at 6 am, and then kind get ready, and then I’ll go to Bagua at 7:30, do my Bagua, and finish at 9, and head back to work. I’m pretty excited actually to get up at that time, so that I could go and do my Bagua. Because once I do that, it gives me the energy in order to function throughout my day.

When I do my Energy Bagua, I have more energy. And once I finish my work, I’m able to do other things in my time. Like for example, play volleyball, or go do the Grouse Grind in the summer, that’s what I did. And also spend time with family and friends. So yeah, in the summer, I would do the Grouse Grind. Better than I thought. Because I didn’t do any training. I didn’t run; I didn’t do any other cardio workout at all to help it. I thought the Bagua actually helps improve my cardio. I feel that I can take care of what I need to do as long as I have my Bagua.

I used to experience sharp pain like I said. But now, I don’t experience sharp pain anymore. My legs, my overall body, and my immune system are stronger. It’s improved my stability. Before that it’s like you are always suffering from pain, you’ve got to see a chiro, you’ve got to see a physio therapist. All the time is gone; you can’t do anything you wanted to do. But now I can think that, wow, I can go and see the world.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)