Susan Koo | Los Angeles, USA

I had whole-body pain in December 2012. My muscles and joints were swollen and painful. I didn’t know what was causing that. I went to see Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. They said my immune system was hyperactive. Specialists said that I had severe rheumatoid arthritis.

My fingers, shoulders and back were all swollen. It was very serious. I couldn’t sleep well because of the pain at night. Although medicine later improved my immune system, arthritis and deformed fingers, my health deteriorated. After that, my mother died. I was devastated, and my health declined even more quickly.

My husband always asked me to exercise. Finally, I started practicing Energy Bagua in the park so my husband would stop nagging me. It was a way to pass the time. So I went to practice. Unexpectedly, I slept 5 hours after the third day of practice. Before Energy Bagua, I could only sleep for 3 hours. It was amazing. Now I can sleep for 6, 7 or even 8 hours.

I used to have a big belly. It even restricted my breathing. Now it has improved a lot. (Shrunk by half.) Half of my belly is gone. My face used to be pale. Now you can see that my face is rosy. I am energetic.

I used to have a bird neck. It was forward extended. It couldn’t be turned. It was dangerous for me to drive. After I practiced Energy Bagua for a month, my leg and toe pain started to improve. After 6 months, my neck began to recover slowly. Now, look at my neck. I can rotate it easily.

The worst time was 2013, when all my fingers were ugly. They were all swollen and bruised. But now that’s gone. Now I walk very fast. It’s not like the shuffling of the past. It used to take me a long time to walk a short distance. Now I can go outside in one or 2 seconds. I am so happy now.

I couldn’t comb my hair before. My husband had to help me. He also helped me get dressed. Now I can do all that myself.

Practicing Energy Bagua is terrific. I had many gains from it. So I will keep practicing Energy Bagua! I am very happy and grateful.

(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)