Chen Weishen | Taiwan

High Cholesterol, Shaky Hands and Alcohol-Induced Liver Damage

Mr. Chen: Hello, I’m Chen Wei-hsin from Chiayi Bodhi Meditation Center, Taiwan. I had been drinking alcohol for more than 20 years. It began with social drinking and then it escalated into alcohol abuse. Sometimes, I’d drink through the night and return home in the morning. Mrs. Chen: He was under intense pressure and he didn’t want to talk about it. He stayed out drinking all the time. I was taking care of two kids at home and crying nonstop. I couldn’t do anything, aside from putting up with it. Mr. Chen: My health deteriorated. My cholesterol reading was about 400 mg/dL, my triglyceride index was over 1,800 mg/dL, my liver-function test result was SGOT 160U/L SGPT 101U/L, and I also suffered from autonomic dysfunction.

Readings Normalized, Hands Stopped Shaking

Mr. Chen: When I first came to the center, my hands were shaking so much that I couldn’t even pick up my food with chopsticks. Now I work during the day and practice Energy Bagua here in the evening. Mr. Chen’s Mother: I’ve been practicing Energy Bagua here for five months. My son’s hands are no longer shaking, and he can eat using chopsticks. His temper has also cooled down a lot. Mr. Chen: After practicing for three months, my doctor said all my readings are back to normal.

Shift in Mindset for Better Family Relationships

Mr. Chen: Grandmaster asked me to change the way I think, and compassion has certainly played a great role in this. I stopped complaining. Before practicing Energy Bagua, I felt that I wasn’t appreciated enough for the hard work I did to buy a house for my family. I don’t think that way anymore. Thanks to Energy Bagua, my health has improved, and I no longer drinking excessively.

(Note: The effects of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)