What kind of practice venue offers the most auspicious energy field for Energy Bagua?

Modern living spaces tend to be small; is it possible to successfully practice Energy Bagua in a limited space by walking in smaller circles? “Yes,” Grandmaster JinBodhi says. “But there are better choices.”

Watch this video to find out what the better choices are.


(Hello, Master. My house is small, can I practice Energy Bagua with smaller circles?)

Yes, you can. Practicing with small circles is fine. But when you practice in a very small room, you might feel the air is stuffy. Or, your surroundings might not be pleasant to your eyes. Even though the space is small, you should feel OK, as your eyes are focused on the tree in the middle. So, smaller spaces are fine. But if you haven’t got a solid foundation, you will feel dizzy while practicing in a compact space. You could faint while circling.

Overall, small spaces are fine. But if you can, go somewhere more spacious, or even better, to our centers. With many people practicing together, you can expect a strong, more auspicious energy field. Some people have asked me whether, after learning the fundamentals, they could practice at home. Many who practice on their own can’t continue because nobody corrects their mistakes. As such, it becomes less effective. And then there is the issue of deviation.

Deviation is terrible, like taking the wrong pills when you are sick. Deviation can hurt you badly. If you can, please learn and practice at our centers or our authorized Energy Bagua Wellness Centers. You will learn the most authentic Energy Bagua methods there. The instructors appointed by me will teach you everything the correct way. All instructors are kind and compassionate; they want you to benefit greatly from Energy Bagua. So, learn at authentic venues.

If you find out when and where I will be teaching, you are free to join. You will learn authentic, advanced methods from me, so you will benefit more.