Ren Xiangrong, Malaysia

In March 2020, my wife, Zeng Fang, introduced me to Energy Bagua. Three months into the practice, I benefitted tremendously. In the past, I tired easily. After a morning walk in the park, I needed a short nap before heading to work. Every afternoon, I needed an hour of sleep to recover from fatigue.

However, after starting Energy Bagua, I could go directly to work after the practice. I now feel very much refreshed and rejuvenated and no longer need naps, even after a day at work.

Energy Bagua has also helped ease the stiffness in my fingers. My right index finger and left middle finger were so stiff I could not straighten them. It was painful when I tried. After practicing Energy Bagua for three months, the fingers straightened normally.

These benefits boosted my confidence in Energy Bagua. I will persist with my practice so that my body can become healthier. I will also recommend this wonderful practice to my friends.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)