Tan Shiqin, Malaysia

In August 2013, I took in my 70-year-old bedridden mother and became her caretaker. For four years, I tended to my mother, cleaning her festering wound and her nappies. As time went by, my hands became dry and rough.

My mother weighed 130 kg, so it required tremendous strength to move her. As time went by, my back muscles became sore. I couldn’t sit in the same position for long. When shopping with my family, I had intense back pain in less than 30 minutes and, as a result, had to sit down to take a break. When I asked to go home, I spoiled the fun.

Taking care of my mother gave me great pressure physically and mentally.  I often felt anxious. I had a hard time falling asleep; even if I succeeded in doing so, I had bad dreams. During the day, I was lethargic and always frowning. I was easily agitated, getting angry at the slightest irritation. My children were scared of me and avoided me. Understanding that I had a responsibility on my shoulder, I endured all of this. I worried that I would become a victim of depression.

My mother passed away peacefully at home in August 2017. At that time, my friend introduced me to Energy Bagua. I signed up for the beginner class in August. I practiced Energy Bagua at the park on weekends. Every time I turned to switch palms, the familiar, awful smell that was once part of my life as a caretaker arose. Eventually, the memory of the foul air I had lived with dispersed, thanks to my daily practice. Gradually, my hands became smooth, the dark spots on my face disappeared, I was no longer anxious, I no longer frowned and I looked better. Also, my quality of sleep improved. I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed, no longer had nightmares and was energetic when I woke up.

In December 2017, during a flight to Turkey for our family trip, I had no pain at all in my back despite sitting for 10 hours. During the trip, walking was never a problem as I could keep up with my family. My body was functioning well, so I did not feel tired at all despite walking all day. Thanks to Energy Bagua, I transformed not only physically but also mentally. My temper has toned down and I no longer get angry at my children without reason. Now, my children share almost everything with me. Our home is full of laughter and surrounded with happiness. I am rediscovering the joy in my life.

I am grateful to have learned Energy Bagua from Grandmaster JinBodhi for my transformation. I hope to be led by Grandmaster and help the needy so that they can benefit from Energy Bagua and enjoy a good life just like me.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)