Everyone knows that practicing Energy Bagua improves physical and mental health. What should we do if we feel exhausted, restless and distressed after practicing?
Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings.


Someone feels weaker after practicing Energy Bagua and meditation.

For a period of time, he felt weak spiritually after practicing Energy Bagua and meditation. It is hard to stay in a good meditation state. What should he do? He felt exhausted both physically and mentally after practicing.

It could be your physical condition. You might be physically weak to begin with. Or, it could be purely mental distractions. You will feel tired, afflicted or disgusted while practicing. What you experience is fate.

If you are having health problems, if you want to regain health, you need to keep practicing. You may feel tired and fidgety, or feel nothing, or want to quit; all of these are just distractions. To regain your health, you have to stick to your practice.

Persistence brings results. You don’t get anything if you quit easily. You are the one who suffers. What you felt were merely evil obstacles. Relax, you are not possessed, just a bit distracted and lazy. Keep practicing no matter what you feel.