When a person feels dizzy while practicing Energy Bagua, should he or she continue practicing? Grandmaster JinBodhi summarizes his childhood practice experiences, thereby answering this important question.

Anyone who is experiencing dizziness will find this video extremely helpful.


(Hello, Master, can I continue practicing Energy Bagua while feeling dizzy?)

Let me tell you what I experienced when I was young. I am sure this will help. During my early days of practice, I felt dizzy too. I am sure you have felt as I did. After practicing awhile, I couldn’t even tell the direction. I even felt like throwing up, and I told my master about it.

My master said it was normal. “The more you practice, the less dizzy you feel.” Quitting doesn’t get rid of the dizziness; it could even get worse. However, you will feel better if you keep practicing.

Is it healthy or not if you feel dizzy after practicing awhile? You have never thought about this? One person doesn’t feel dizzy after circling 100 times, while another feels dizzy after circling 20 times — which one is healthier and fitter? The one who feels fine, right?

If you feel dizzy while practicing, then you need to improve your fitness. Some people can’t even walk in a straight line. So what should we do when we are feeling dizzy? Sit down, take a break, drink some water, and take deep breaths. If it is safe to jump, then jump a few times.

If you quit practicing, you will continue feeling dizzy. Keep practicing and you will be fine.