Jullian,Los Angeles,USA


I live in San Pedro, California, USA, and am a writer and musician. Since I started to practice Energy Bagua, my sciatica and knee pain disappeared. Not only that, my patience and concentration improved, and my diet is healthier. So, I want to share my Energy Bagua story with you.

Knee pain and sciatica disappeared

Six years ago, I underwent surgery for a torn tendon in my thigh, which left an after-effect of knee pain. Whenever my knee hurt, it was difficult to walk. When the pain was severe, I needed crutches. The doctors couldn’t help.

About four years ago, I started to have severe sciatica, which made it worse. Not only was it difficult to walk, it was also difficult to stand for a long period time. Although I received injections for about eight months, they weren’t effective.

In August 2017, my colleague introduced me to an Energy Bagua event. After trying my first Energy Bagua practice, I was comfortable and relaxed. Since then, I have been practicing Energy Bagua for an hour almost every day.

It was incredible! After a week of Energy Bagua practice, my knee pain disappeared. About three months later, my sciatica pain also disappeared. Since then, I haven’t had the need to see the doctor or get an injection. Also, my body is more flexible, and during my Energy Bagua practice, I am so at ease it’s as if I am in my 20s or 30s again. I can move freely and have no problem standing for a long period of time.

Family relationships improved

I have been impatient since childhood. Even with my own family, I was not patient enough to listen to my family members. This caused communication difficulties and misunderstandings.

When I got home after my first day of practicing Energy Bagua, my wife and children said I looked more amiable and relaxed. I usually looked grumpy. As I spent more time practicing Energy Bagua every day, I grew patient and calm when communicating with my family. By listening to them, our family has become more harmonious. I also brought my wife and children to participate at the Energy Bagua event so that they could experience the benefit of Energy Bagua.

Facing work pressure with ease

Previously, due to poor concentration, I was unable to stay calm and think carefully before making decisions, which led to frequent regrets afterwards. The daily interaction with customers and the competition between coworkers stressed me out. Sometimes, in order to finish my work, I had to work overtime and could not go home for two or three days. However, work and money did not bring me inner peace. Instead, I was more impatient and irritated.

I have been practicing Energy Bagua for three years now. I can deal with the pressure more easily. When facing problems, I can handle them carefully and am longer imprudent. My coworkers say that I have changed a lot and am more reliable.

In the past, the long working hours left me exhausted. I’d be so tired that I’d eat whatever I wanted, usually something unhealthy, and go right to bed after eating. Since practicing Energy Bagua, I pay more attention to meal time and diet. I try to eat healthy and reasonably.

This year, although we are impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19), I still practice Energy Bagua for an hour daily in the park near my home. I hope the pandemic will soon disappear and everything will return to normal so I can continue to practice with other practitioners again. I am so grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching Energy Bagua and providing a venue for others to practice together! Energy Bagua has really helped in all aspects of my life!

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.