Hailin & Viann | Vancouver, Canada


Energy Bagua

The daughter is lively and sunny, and the mother is gentle and elegant. They happily practice Energy Bagua together every day. What wonderful connection do they have with Energy Bagua? Let’s listen to their story.


Hailin’s (mother) narrative:

In recent years, I often felt numbness on the tips of my fingers. Later, the left half of my body was also numb. Also, I often did not sleep well, waking up three or four times a night, sometimes every hour, which was particularly uncomfortable.

In February 2018, all my fingers and toes were numb. It was very difficult to hold things when my fingers were numb. A CT scan showed that it could be cervical spine hyperplasia. I went to a Chinese medicine doctor and took Chinese medicine for more than a year, but the symptoms continued. The doctor told me that this problem was difficult to cure, and if it did not interfere much with my daily life then I had to just live with it.

In January 2020, I joined the Energy Bagua Basic Training Class at the Vancouver Wellness Center. Since then, I persisted in my daily practice. After practicing for more than a month, my fingers and toes were no longer numb. Now, I have been practicing Energy Bagua for more than seven months and, other than the occasional numbness somewhere under my left shoulder, I have almost completely returned to normal.

Since starting my Energy Bagua practice, my quality of sleep has also improved. Occasionally, I wake up once at night, but I basically sleep till dawn.


Viann’s (daughter) narrative:


Eczema for 10 years

I am 15 years old this year. From the age of five or six, I had eczema on my wrists, and later on my calves and thighs. It was very itchy at night and I could not help but keep scratching. I took Chinese and Western medicine for many years, and had to be very careful with my diet. I could not eat the meals provided by the school and had to bring my own lunch. I watched my classmates eat fried chicken, French fries and other delicious food, while I ate tofu and vegetables. I envied them!


Insomnia from childhood

Ever since I was a child, I did not sleep well. I often lay in bed all night in a daze, counting sheep.

In high school, I lived on campus. During the sleepless nights, to avoid disturbing others, I did not turn on the lights or do other things; gradually I developed a bad habit of playing with and pulling my hair for fun. Later, I pulled my hair out not only at night but also during the day. I did this for more than two years, so that the front part of my scalp appeared to be bald.

When I went to class in the morning, I lacked energy. I wondered how my classmates could be so focused, while I was so tired. As a result, my grades were not very good.


Energy Bagua fills life with sunshine

One day in March 2020, I went to the Vancouver Energy Bagua Wellness Center looking for my mother. As soon as I heard the teacher speak about the benefits of Energy Bagua, I signed up for the Energy Bagua Fundamental Class in March.

On the third night of the class, I slept soundly. Since it was so effective, my mother and I practiced Energy Bagua together without skipping a day. I now fall asleep soon after going to bed and sleep till morning. For the first time, I experienced the happiness that comes from a good sleep.

As my quality of sleep improved, I was able to concentrate in class and study well. I hadn’t had many friends before due to my bald hairline, but now that my hair is growing back, I am more confident and making friends.

Furthermore, the eczema on my wrists and legs gradually disappeared, and I no longer have to restrict my diet. I can go shopping and eat with my friends on weekends. Life is much happier!


It’s fun practicing Energy Bagua together

Since practicing Energy Bagua together, the relationship between mother and daughter has become more harmonious.

Hailin said, “Before, I wasn’t able to really laugh knowing my daughter was suffering from eczema and insomnia, scratching her skin and pulling her hair. I couldn’t help and didn’t know what to do. At home, I had a bad temper. Especially during menopause, I was easily angered, often fought with my husband, and was mean to my daughter. They were afraid to talk to me because if they said something wrong or offended me, I’d scold them.”

After practicing Energy Bagua daily, Hailin treats her family more gently. It seems that her hot-temper disappeared, and the family relationship became more harmonious. The daughter now chats with her mother, which makes the family warm and happy.

After listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, Viann said to her mother, “I want to follow Grandmaster’s guidance and be a good child by respecting you and father.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when classes at school were suspended, Viann would make breakfast and lunch at home every day, and still practice Energy Bagua with her mother. Speaking of this, Hailin said with satisfaction, “One day, I was gone a long time and Viann reminded me, ‘Mom, don’t forget that we still have something important to do. We have to practice Energy Bagua.’ Once when I was too busy to practice for a couple of days, she practiced Energy Bagua by herself.”

Hailin said happily, “Now, I can finally laugh from the bottom of my heart. Seeing my child sleeping so sweetly and soundly every night, the burden in my heart has lifted. Also, my daughter’s dry skin and frizzy hair have become smoother. I am so excited about these changes, and I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I can only thank and be grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi!”

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)