Quan ChunYu, South Korea


Menopausal Syndrome

Elbow pain, knee pain and headaches are alleviated

I injured my left elbow at work and tried injections and acupuncture, but nothing worked. The doctor advised me to rest more and not to work too much, but I had to make a living, so I continued working. As time went on, my elbow hurt so much I had difficulty brushing my teeth and even needed my mother to help me dress. In 2017, through a friend’s introduction, I started to practice Energy Bagua at the Seoul Daerim Bodhi Meditation Center. Normally, my arm hurt even from a little movement; however, after three months of Energy Bagua practice, the pain significantly reduced. Not only that, my knees used to hurt when walking down stairs; I’d have to take one step at a time. It took at least five minutes to walk from the third floor to the first floor. Now it is much easier to walk up and down the stairs, and my physical fitness and muscle endurance has improved a lot. Also, my hands and feet used to be cold year-round, even in summer, and I had to cover up tightly at night to sleep peacefully. Since I started practicing Energy Bagua, my condition has improved a lot. Now, I can practice Energy Bagua outdoors in -3 degrees in winter, and I only need to wear thin gloves. When I do the closing exercise, my hands are still warm!

In August 2019, I started to have headaches and dizziness. The headaches were like a needle poking inside my head, which made me lethargic. So, I extended the Energy Bagua practicing time to two hours in the morning and evening. After six months, the headaches reduced significantly. Although the pain still occurs occasionally, it lasts a short period of time and does not affect my work and life as before.

Bright and moisturized complexion

As I went through menopause, I had symptoms such as hot flashes, dull and red cheeks. I did not drink alcohol, but my friends often asked me if I’d had a drink. At that time, I would easily lose control of my temper and argue with people, which caused my family and friends to avoid me. After practicing Energy Bagua for a year, my menopausal syndrome has improved and my dull and flushed skin is brighter and more radiant. When I wash my face, I can feel the smooth skin.

My mother also benefited from Energy Bagua

My mother also benefited from practicing Energy Bagua. More than 10 years ago, my mother had stomach surgery which left her with many side-effects. Since two thirds of her stomach was removed, she frequently had diarrhea and her stomach didn’t digest food easily. Once a month, she went to the hospital to have the accumulated food in her stomach drained. Since she started practicing Energy Bagua, The Meditation of Greater Illumination and prostration two years ago, her health has gradually improved. She has no diarrhea or digestive problems anymore. Last year, she went for a check-up and found that her stomach was no longer blocked. Now, my mother has a good appetite, and sometimes she eats more than I do.

After practicing Energy Bagua for more than three years, we have both seen a tremendous improvement in our health. The more I practice, the more energetic I am. Energy Bagua has become an indispensable part of our lives. Now, we practice at the park every day. When people passing by are interested, I invite them to practice with us. We hope that by sharing the benefits of Energy Bagua more people can regain their physical and mental health.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.