Liu Huang Hsiuman | Taichung, Taiwan

Liu Huang Hsiuman: would get cramps in my lower back. When it happened at night, I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom. When it was time to get up, I would have to spend around 20 minutes. I had to clutch the handrail when walking up the stairs without someone to help me.

Liu Huang Hsiuman: At that time, my knees would swell up and the pain was killing me. I used to feel sore during seasonal changes, or on the day before it rained. It has been like that for more than a decade. When the season changed, my body would be sore. The doctor said it was ligament deterioration due to old age. I also had bone spurs. All I could do was taking pills. If the pills didn’t work, I would need to have surgery. I was very sad.

Liu Huang Hsiuman‘s Daughter: My mom’s swelling was quite bad. She tried almost all medical options. It is unbelievable. The swelling was gone after 108 days of practice. After another 108 days, she could even bend her knees.

Liu Huang Hsiuman: I don’t know when the change happened, but I felt so strange: How come I can squat and bend over now? I couldn’t go out before, but I go everywhere now. My rheumatism pain was a seasonal thing. I also don’t know when this was fixed. But the pain is all gone now. Thank you master.

(The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.)