Kim Hyangran, Seoul, South Korea


my ovarian cyst disappeared

I’d been busy with work and taking care of my family since my 30s; I couldn’t even squeeze in time to exercise. I was a translator and sat at my desk all day. This caused my body to stiffen, especially my shoulders. I also had part-time jobs to earn some extra money. After finishing house chores, I continued working late into the night. Over time, my body was overworked, and my stomach was cold all the time. I used to shop for groceries every week and cook for my family. But with my health condition getting worse, I could only do simple cooking, as I was too exhausted to visit the malls or supermarkets with my family. On weekends, it’s normal for people visit places or go on a trip, but I stayed home because I was too weak for anything like that. I also became too weak to do my part-time job.

Ovarian Cyst Increases in Size

Stress and tension over the years caused hormonal disorders. During my gynecologic examination in 2011, an ovarian cyst was found. The doctor told me it was quite common among women; some cysts disappear on their own but mine kept increasing in size, so it had to be removed. After the operation, the doctor advised me to stay at home and take a break for a month. However, my company did not allow such a lengthy break, so I only stayed at the hospital for a week and then returned to work. I was over 40 at that time with my recovery already going downhill. I forced myself to work even though I knew I was too weak. I was exhausted physically and mentally.

In 2017, another cyst was found on my ovary and again an operation was needed. My mother-in-law took care of me during the first operation, as my mother and husband were too busy at work. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law was too sick to help during the second operation, so I went to the hospital on my own. I felt so helpless.

As it is when giving birth, all gynecologic procedures take a lot out of you. After two operations, I finally realized how important it was to have good health. I then decided to exercise to stay healthy. However, after trying all kinds of exercises, none of them showed promising positive effects.

Energy Bagua Transformed My Life

In March 2017, a friend introduced me to Energy Bagua. At the beginning, I just practiced once or twice on the weekends for about 30 minutes. I found that on the days I practiced Energy Bagua, I always felt warm and light all over, and the day’s fatigue disappeared.

After practicing Energy Bagua for about a month, I was able to go grocery shopping. I even had the energy to shop at department stores and walk outdoors with my family on the weekends. After the surgery, I had check-ups at the hospital every six months. In August 2017, the check-up revealed that the ovarian cyst had not grown, so no further surgery was required. I was so happy, I cried.

Because I did not need surgery, I stopped practicing Energy Bagua. About six months later, I suddenly had a severe pain in my stomach. I went to emergency and found out that my ovarian cyst had enlarged and ruptured. The doctor said that if I’d gone to the hospital a little later, I could have lost my life. I started to blame myself. Why did I stop practicing Energy Bagua when I knew it was beneficial to my health? I made up my mind to practice Energy Bagua again.

For two years, I have kept up my Energy Bagua practice every morning. Even in winter, when the temperature is close to -10 degrees in Seoul, I still persist in my practice. I went for another check-up and no cysts were found. The doctor told me not to worry because my ovaries were healthier than before, which made me very happy.

Relaxed and energetic physically and mentally

Since keeping up my Energy Bagua practice for an hour every day, I feel better mentally and spiritually. Although my workload is heavier than before, I am gradually getting healthier.

Energy Bagua has also changed my body and mind. In the past, doing Pilates or working out in the gym would only relax and relieve sore muscles to a certain extent, but it did not improve my emotional state. After practicing Energy Bagua, my entire body relaxed from the inside out. I used to get angry easily over trivial matters, but now I am much calmer. When I am in a bad mood, I can quickly adjust myself. With a relaxed mind, the entire body becomes relaxed and healthy.

I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching such a wonderful method. Energy Bagua has saved me from lying on the cold operating table. I am almost 50 years old and believe that as long as I persist in practicing Energy Bagua, I will be able to face future work and life with a healthy body and mind.

How good is Energy Bagua? You can only find out after experiencing it for yourself. My biggest wish is for more office workers to understand the benefits of Energy Bagua and practice with us, so everyone can benefit and become more relaxed, more comfortable, and healthier!

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.