She couldn’t hold a pen to write due to trigger finger; now, without surgery, she is able to write nimbly. Due to a muscle adhesion, she couldn’t move her right arm, but it was healed just by her practice of walking around a tree. Does this seem unbelievable? These seemingly mysterious and inexplainable phenomena are happening all over the world.

Hui Yu Yang is just one of many who have benefited. If you hope to experience the miracle, take action today.

Hi, everyone. I am He Du from Taichung Bodhi Meditation Center in Taiwan. I worked for the People’s Organization. Office workers need to hold pens and write numbers every day. Around a year before retirement, I was using a computer a lot due to changing bankbooks. I often changed thousands of books at a time. So my hand began to have problems.

Some said my trigger finger needed surgery. My hand couldn’t open like this. I had to force it open with the other hand. I couldn’t bend this thumb; I could only do this. So when I needed to write, I couldn’t do it at all. It was painful not to be able to hold a pen. When I was typing, I had to hit the keys one by one. It was very painful. Many doctors said I needed surgery. I was afraid of that. My kids were not living with me; they were all out of the country then. So I thought I should just put up with it temporarily.

I retired last year [2018] in August. Since I am retired, I can take long breaks. During Christmas, I visited my daughter for a month. My daughter cooked meals. When I stayed with her, I saw her doing a lot of work. She needed to work and clean the house. So I wanted to help her a bit. I wanted to help her wash dishes. I ended up breaking 2 expensive plates in a row. When I get older, I don’t want to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I don’t want others to have to flip me over when I am in bed. I want to stay healthy.

I happened to see Energy Bagua on Facebook, and I thought I should go take a look. So I came. Since that time till now, I have attended 2 Energy Bagua Basic Training classes. When I started walking, I didn’t know how. But gradually, I have recovered. I started class on September 2, 2019 and have continued. I have never stopped. My fingers can move naturally now. During my third Health & Happiness Retreat, I was so happy that I could write normally.

I have an adhesion on this side, the result of an old wound. Maybe it is related to the problems of my arm and trigger finger. I visited a massage therapist once. He said, “Your arm hurts when it has raised like this, and it can’t be rotated. This is an adhesion and not a frozen shoulder.” My left side is OK. It is just the right side that’s painful when lifted.

When I started practicing Energy Bagua, I held my hands like this. In the beginning it hurt a lot. But we switch hands after 5 rounds and I can rest my hand. So I endured the pain, and then wow, it is all good now! I can also move it around, it is all OK. When people see me, they say that I look younger now. So I am grateful to Grandmaster. Thank you, Grandmaster.

Regardless of your age, if you have time, you should come here and practice Energy Bagua. It is awesome.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.