Practicing Energy Bagua can bring us a healthy body and a free mind.

My master told me, “Energy Bagua can bring many benefits to our body and mind. The continuous circling without an end point is the key to longevity. When we practice Energy Bagua, we’re following the Tao of Nature and are connected with the source of Universal energy.”

The Bagua (Eight Trigrams) concept is not confined to just “eight.” Out of the eight trigrams comes sixty-four trigrams; out of the sixty-four trigrams comes everything in the Universe. Bagua is broad, diverse, and even extends beyond infinity. We shouldn’t be limited by numbers such as eight or sixty-four; Bagua’s true meaning refers to endless kinds of change.

Extracted from Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life, Chapter 3 by Grandmaster JinBodhi, 2020.


Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life (English):