For 20 years, Guo Hui Yue lived in the agony of excruciating shoulder pain, lower-back pain and knee pain. Her quality of life was poor and she was consumed by depression.

However, she had the good fortune to learn a method that helped her overcome ill-health and find happiness. Let’s listen to Guo Gui Yue share her story.

Recovery From 20 Years of Illness

Hello, everyone. My name is Guo Gui Yue. I am 53 years old. I had a difficult pregnancy 20 years ago. I was carrying twins. I suffered a lot from lower-back pain. Even after delivery, the pain didn’t ease.

In 2013, my condition worsened. I had severe pain in my shoulders. I could not even lift my hands. My shoulders and fingers were numb and stiff. I could not do any household chores. I also had severe lower-back pain. I had to lie in bed for half a day after cooking one meal. My lower back felt broken. The excruciating pain affected my sleep too. I couldn’t fall asleep because of severe aching. I developed knee pain. I could not kneel or squat. I could barely take a step.

An MRI scan showed that the L2 and L3 of my spine were degenerating. Scar tissue had formed around them. All the cartilage in my body was degenerating. At my worst, I couldn’t fall asleep without a painkiller. When the pain was most excruciating, I had to inject steroids. I felt really depressed. Because of the pain in my body, I was depressed and temperamental.

Fortunately, I started practicing Energy Bagua in June 2015. It was extremely hard at first. There was pain in my knees and lower back. So I had to wear knee guards and a waist belt. It was extremely difficult. But I persisted in practicing. I noticed improvements over time. After 3 months, though my knees and back were still in pain, I was able to sleep at night. I no longer required medication. After 6 months, I felt my knees gaining strength. I had greater energy to walk Energy Bagua. The pain had lessened. I continued my practice. After 10 months, I didn’t feel any pain in my lower back. I have persisted in my practice, and continue to do so. I have been practicing for 3.5 years.

As I am healthy now, I feel calmer. My friends have said that I smile more now. I look radiant. Seeing my big improvement, some friends also started practicing Energy Bagua. My daughter thinks I am more lovable now. I’m less of a nag and don’t get angry as often. Now my family is more harmonious. I hope everyone can practice Energy Bagua. Energy Bagua has changed my life. It has improved my quality of life a lot. Energy Bagua has brought me happiness and health.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.