Our physical health is closely linked to our emotions.

If we use a tree as a metaphor for our health, then the positive emotions are like nutrients necessary for growth. When we have compassion and joy in our heart, we feel relaxed, at ease, and can resolve many problems. If the negative emotions are not cleared for a long time, or if someone holds on to a “knot in their heart” for too long, energy in the body becomes stagnant, like a traffic jam.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory emphasizes the impact of the mental state on the body’s health. Anger affects the liver, sorrow and worries hurt the lungs, fear and shock hurt the kidneys, overthinking hurts the spleen, and overexcitement or euphoria hurts the heart and the spirit. An extreme degree of any emotion can affect the functionality of the organ it corresponds with, causing certain illnesses in that organ.

When people do not have access to higher consciousness, their knowledge of the world is distorted and they may have inappropriate emotional responses, such as being angry for no apparent reason.

Energy Bagua increases life energy through the process of accumulation. The movements and rotations of Energy Bagua correspond to the movements of the celestial bodies and the Universe. In the process of walking Energy Bagua, we gather energy and high energy levels make us healthier.

Lasting wellbeing is based on a free and unblocked mind.

Extracted from Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life, Chapter 3 by Grandmaster JinBodhi, 2020.


Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life (English): https://www.cibeiyin.com/en/v103006000002?___from_store=tw