Everyone has an innate ability to not only resonate with universal energy, but also to restore their health and gain infinite wisdom and energy.

Listen as Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches us how to unlock our innate ability and open the energy pathway to a healthy life.


Good day, everyone! (Good day, Master!) Please be seated. Just now, I was backstage I was listening to you share your stories. They were wonderful. Due to the limited time, I realize your sharing was too brief, not detailed enough. You worried about the time so you shortened your story. However, I know our body is a complicated system. Say, you had a car accident, your lower back and neck were injured. After a year, those injuries may cause many physical problems, such as sciatica, migraine, eye pain, and even loss of vision. All these problems could be possible. Then when we talk about recovering, we say there is no pain. That is it.

Actually, it is a holistic recovery phenomenon or state. Fellow practitioners who have benefited from the practice don’t understand why such simple movements are so effective. Newcomers or those who have never practiced hear this, but as they weren’t present, they think we make up stories. A fellow practitioner in our center who is in charge of promotion went to different media outlets. After the media became familiar with him, they said, “You are good at making up stories. They sounded so real.” This fellow practitioner said, “No. We don’t make up stories. I had my real experiences too.” After listening to his stories, they felt the stories amazing but unbelievable. That’s true.

In many countries, many of our participants were introduced by their family doctors. Many open-minded doctors are very scientific and deeply understand that current surgeries and medications can’t solve all our health issues. Medications can’t truly solve health problems, as they all have side effects. Say, for migraines, after we take prescribed medication, our pain may disappear but we become dizzy and numb. Doctors even advise not driving after taking the medication, say within 6 hours. I don’t know the components in the medicine. Anyway, it causes dizziness and is dangerous for driving. This is the most obvious side effect.

Also, almost all Western medications harm the stomach. They could even cause stomach ulcers. Therefore, doctors ask us to take medications after meals. As the stomach has food inside, when medications function, they won’t burn the stomach. Medications could also harm the liver, kidneys, and eyes. When we take medications, we are harmed by them. We take medications for migraines and the headache is gone, but vision becomes blurry and memories disappear. We might become slow and much less responsive.

I am not against medicine, but please take my point rationally. It is just like some may ask me, “Are you against thieves?” No. I am not. “Are you encouraging thieves?” I am not that bad. Why am I not against them? Stealing is a part of life. All human professions or behaviors are natural phenomena. My objection is ineffective. Thieves in the world can never all be arrested. These are natural phenomena. I am indeed happy that medical means exist. In childhood, I was a beneficiary of medications. I have taken many medications. I am both a beneficiary and victim of medications. I could have been smarter, but because of too many medications, I became slow-witted.

Medications surely can dramatically improve human health. However, for faster and better pain relief, many medications increase the amount of active components. Thus, the harm to the human body increases too. Therefore, many open-minded doctors introduce patients to Bodhi Meditation and the practice of Energy Bagua. Some suggest tai chi or running, so-called natural recovery methods. So, even when you are not ill, start doing more exercises. Practice meditation and yoga; both are beneficial. We should consider healthy diets and lifestyles; it is worth it for us to adopt them. So that we might resist our inherited diseases or illness caused by diet. Merely depending on medical means is inadequate to maintain health.

The effectiveness of Energy Bagua is really unimaginable. It is me. I am the earliest beneficiary of Energy Bagua. I started to learn Energy Bagua when I was 9. My master told me the concise formula of Energy Bagua practice. He also said that Energy Bagua enhances our intelligence and energy. Many times, we feel that we are ill because we lack energy. Without energy, we feel sick. For example, this electrical bulb: When I was young, I often saw the light bulb flashing on and off due to insufficient power. When it is bright, there is sufficient power. If it becomes dim, the voltage is low. Applying this theory to our body: When we lack intelligence, it is due to our brain lacking energy. Many of us haven’t had such experience before.

Also, why do we feel sleepy at night? We haven’t studied it, right? Well, my mom would ask me to sleep when it was bedtime. Nobody wondered why. Only those who have a long workday understand. They are tired. Being tired is your physical reaction. If you aren’t tired or fatigued, you won’t feel sleepy. After a whole day of work, your energy is depleted. So, you replenish your energy through sleeping and eating. It is a simple truth. Many still lack energy even though they sleep every day. This is due to various health issues which cause different illnesses in our body.

As I was listening to you just now, I heard many of you had leg problems. Especially, many of the young ladies, when they were teenagers or toddlers, they strained their ankles while walking. Are you here? (Yes.) Whether in the young or old, this issue often occurs. Do you know why? It is lack of energy. If there is sufficient energy, it naturally goes down to the toes and up to the head, heart, and arms. If people lack energy, you can feel their hands are icy cold. With sufficient energy, the hands are warm. Now we understand: In Canada or the States, in snowy winter, some girls wear just a short skirt. I think they are heroes. I salute to them in my heart. They are powerful, not afraid of cold. They are not afraid of cold because they have sufficient energy. They are young, and they like exercising. They have enough energy and aren’t afraid of cold.

As you age, you realize you must wear more layers. Your legs really hurt. Upon reaching 60, someone may have to wear 6 layers. The number of layers worn is proportional to one’s age: under 20, one layer; at 30, 1.5; at 40, 2; at 50, 3; at 60, 6 layers. Those who are over 60, many want to wear a heat-pack on their legs. In cold areas such as Tibet, I helped many people who had arthritis. They used a piece of animal skin to keep their knees warm in winter. Their knee pain was unbearable. They all walked like this. In Tibet, many seniors walk like this, as if they have just suffered an injury. Some of our practitioners aren’t very old. The youngest could be 35 and yet walks with a limp, very inconvenient. During your sharing session, a female fellow practitioner said, “I benefited. I saw many who didn’t walk normally when they came. After practicing for a while, they could even run.”

So, all these cases are due to lack of energy. My master who taught me Energy Bagua, Master Ren, told me that Energy Bagua quickly replenishes energy. Also, he thought that it might control cancer. It is not that the cancer is gone at once. He was very open-minded and advanced, though he practiced kung fu. It was his master who told him that Energy Bagua could suppress cancer. He also taught a few cancer patients in other places. It was very effective. This method worked well. Such simple movements have great effects. Why?

Or, say…if we are astronauts looking at where we are standing now, our face and our body are facing a space, front and back, left and right, above and below, we are corresponding to an infinite boundless Universe. When we move left and right or turn in circles, it corresponds with a Universal law of revolving. This rule was not discovered by me, but by my master’s master. Through this motion, one connects with the energy in the whole Universe and creates the resonance of magnetic field. That is how he saw it. He said that our human body is just a grain of dust in the Universe. It can combine with any matter, which can turn into a planet, a ray of light, or heat. So, it’s not just simply a human body. A great Taoist cultivator of the ancient world viewed the relationship between humans and the Universe this way.

When we are repeatedly circling left and right during the practice, we are corresponding to the revolution of the planetary orbits in space. Unless the planet is damaged, then it would be thrown out of its own orbit. A damaged planet shoots out of its original orbit, and dies. However, healthy planets with energy stay on their orbital track. Whether this planet is a round or natural stone-like object, it has its own orbit. Such a great Taoist discovered this secret and passed it down to me. Thus, I can pass it on for you to use. Only a very few ancient Chinese who wished to become immortal, the healthiest and wisest, used this method to cultivate themselves. Today, we use this secret method to keep fit. Now we know why ancient Taoist practitioners were so wise. They practiced Energy Bagua. They just used a different name at that time.

Someone mixed it with martial arts, then it became a martial art. It will become whatever it mixes with, and enhance the technique. Now we only use it for our health and wellbeing, and it is very effective. Not only does it give us health, it strengthens our spirituality, such as having the Divine-Eye. What I said seems quite abstruse, but it is true. You won’t achieve that if your insight and practice time aren’t enough. If you have achieved that, you will have unimaginable ability. For those practitioners who have practiced over a year, male or female, even if they are petite or slim, they can stand beatings on their backs and abdomens. Even if you beat harder, they don’t feel pain but your hand does. I won’t demonstrate here but you can find time to try after the class. If you have practiced over a year, this is the primary ability you have achieved. Most importantly, you become stronger.

What happens if you have practiced over 2 years? I don’t know. Different people have different fates. After I practiced over a year, I could see what I couldn’t before. It is very special, easy to learn and practice. You won’t go astray. So come and practice more. OK. Thank you!

I remember something about practicing Energy Bagua when I was small. We can experience sensations ordinary people can’t. Say, in different houses or locations, you feel different magnetic fields. You might have had such a feeling before. Whether it is a hotel, a friend’s home, or a house you want to rent or buy, from the time you step in, you feel very comfortable, like it is your home. In some other houses, you feel dark, cold, and very uncomfortable. You may even feel like a ghost is passing by. So, if you have this strange feeling while in the house, usually something is wrong. We are not telling ghost stories; it is about the energy field during our practice.

When I was about 18 or 20 years old, my master tested me one time. He said, “This is to test if your Energy Bagua practice is equivalent to a primary school graduate.” He gave me a piece of paper. If I let go and it fell to the ground in 10 seconds, I would fail the test. Yes, just with a piece of paper. I played a trick by throwing the paper higher and letting it drop. I thought my paper took over 30 seconds to land on the ground.

The paper was hovering in the air. I didn’t fold it into an airplane. Nothing was done to it. Just a piece of plain paper, and after I let go, it was drifting… It seemed there was an energy holding it. It drifted for a while before landing. I believed it was over 30 seconds. My master then said that I passed the test. My practice was OK. The windows and door were closed. The room had no air-con or fans. No wind or energy was produced to support the paper. Even if you start practicing now, you can’t do it. Only when your practice reaches that level, you stand right here, if you can visualize and emit such energy, some unimaginable effects will arise.

I just want to remind you: You can practice Energy Bagua at home, it is good. It is better to practice at a place where we have practiced together for a long time. The magnetic field and everything in this house, such as the walls, floor, plants, trees, and practitioners, will all have such energy that helps your practice progress, so you will improve faster and better than practicing alone at home. Often you can’t maintain practicing on your own due to laziness. Practicing together will keep you going.

First-timer said, “I can’t practice for 5 minutes.” I said, “It doesn’t matter. If you’re tired, sit on a chair and rest.” We have had such experiences before. You all have witnessed this. Here in the Vancouver Center 3 days ago, there was an Asian lady who could barely walk and was a bit heavy. She said, “I can’t walk. My health is poor. I can’t even stand for 5 minutes.” When we gave a briefing, she sat to the side. When we started to practice, she joined us. That evening, the accumulated time she practiced was way over 40 minutes. At home, if she stands for 5 minutes, she must lie down and rest for a while. She could no longer stand or walk.

Amazingly, at the center almost everyone practices much longer than they would on their own. This way your kung fu improves faster. Your health recovers sooner. I just want to share this experience with you. Practicing with a group is better than practicing alone.

There are many physical and mental feelings or experiences that vary daily. Does anyone who has practiced Energy Bagua for some time feel wind and air when waving your hand? (Yes) Very often, when I practice, I feel it as if I am walking in the ocean. The air passes through fingers and I feel the energy force like water passing through my fingers. Have you had this feeling? (Yes.) No. (Yes.) If you can’t feel it, turn on the fan. But what I mentioned isn’t from the fan. We don’t need the fan, yet we can feel the energy.

This isn’t the highest level. However, if you can feel the air isn’t really empty, you will understand the idea of emptiness and form: Emptiness isn’t truly empty, and form isn’t truly existent. In fact, it is full of substances in the air. Thus, cultivation helps us learn about matters and the world. Then we learn about illnesses, and they aren’t mysterious anymore. The originally existing things may become empty. Things that originally were substantial may become emptiness now. It is true indeed. Emptiness may not be truly empty. Thus, you think your illness is real, but I don’t think so. Illness can be caused by a thought or anger. It is like a puff of air and disappears instantly. It is gone. Do you understand? (Yes.) Really?

Also, we need to be compassionate. The more people we help, the greater the wisdom we gain. In Buddhism, it is enlightenment. We become less selfish, more noble. When our spiritual world is noble, illnesses will disappear automatically. So I hope that everyone, through Energy Bagua practice, will truly gain health and achieve enlightenment, which is the highest state of mind. If you have achieved enlightenment, I believe your life is splendid and remarkable. You will have abilities and thoughts surpassing all your past ones. That is why many people in the world spend their whole life cultivating.

For most ordinary people, they may not even practice for one day. Their joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness are the same as others’. An enlightened one will have wisdom and a life that differs from the past. When you are enlightened, your health will separate from your previous self. You will become a healthy, happy, and wise person.

Enlightenment is also the highest level of Energy Bagua practice. It brings us powerful, healthy energy that can truly help people. When an experienced Energy Bagua practitioner waves his or her hand, it seems a passage in the air is opened by the energy from the hand. So, when I push this way, I don’t feel emptiness but like pushing in water. Like this. You can try. Air isn’t empty. You can feel it. We can even hold it in our hand. You have this feeling, right? Do you feel it? (Yes.)

When we face different matters, our sensations change. If I walk over here facing this plant and feel its energy, the sensation is different from that of this side. I feel there is a plant here, because of its petals. I feel pieces of petals in the air. If it is a piece of metal, I may feel cool and prickly because of its mass that you all can sense and feel too. If it contains high energy, your waist, back, and legs feel warm. If it is poisonous, your head will feel uncomfortable.

We are just practicing the elementary level of Energy Bagua. When we keep practicing to the advanced level, lots of those unimaginable experiences will appear. After we have practiced for a while, our energy becomes stronger. Imagine, if you hold a bowl of water when practicing, the water will be magnetized by the energy arising from your practice, as if having a magnetic field. It will become a bowl of blessing water with energy. If someone with a stomachache drinks this blessed water, the pain may disappear instantly. The truth is simple like that.

Just keep practicing, you will achieve this state. (Got it.) So, come and learn Energy Bagua! If you have the chance to practice, you fulfill my wish. As I am healthy and happy, and so are you. (Got it.)