This is an Energy Bagua sharing from a father and his son in Taiwan.

Father, Chen Shu Hui, suffered from high blood pressure and high blood sugar for years. His conditions normalized after three months of walking Energy Bagua.

His son, Chen Yan Ting, was involved in an accident which resulted in his limbs being severely injured. He recovered after practicing Energy Bagua for four months.

Is it indeed so amazing? Let’s hear what they have to say.

The Miracles of My Son and I from Energy Bagua

This is miraculous. Both of us have been deeply inspired.

Energy Bagua Creates Miracles for My Son and Me

My name is Chen Shihui. I am 62 years old. I work in land management for property development. I started practicing Energy Bagua 13 months ago. When my blood pressure (BP) climbed to 150 or 160, I felt dizzy. I could feel my body burning. The medicines to lower my BP were effective, but their effects were inconsistent. My BP bottom number could drop below 100, which was bad. The doctor said that the top number is easier to control than the bottom. After I had practiced Energy Bagua for 3 months, my BP reading was normal. I didn’t feel dizzy anymore.

I also used to have high blood sugar. The medicines didn’t control it effectively. I was rushed to Tzu Chi Hospital twice. After I had practiced for 3 months, the reading was normal even if I skipped the medicines. My scoliosis and osteoporosis were more serious problems. My spinal nerves were under pressure due to scoliosis. I couldn’t climb stairs. If I sat in a chair and then wanted to stand up, I would need to hold someone’s shoulder. I don’t need to do that anymore thanks to Energy Bagua. I can stand tall and straight now. I joke that I have grown taller by 1.5 cm.

I also went for my osteoporosis checkup last month. The doctor said that last year my condition was very serious, but last month, the test revealed that everything is fine. This is the result of my regular practice of Energy Bagua. I practice as scheduled unless there is a reason I can’t.

On October 18 last year, my son, Chen Yanting, was injured. He was carrying a big round glass table. The glass was crushed by the elevator door; the shards cut 12 tendons in his right arm. His nerves and some blood vessels were also cut. Before he had surgery, I offered a light for him at the center.

Right after he was discharged from the hospital, I brought him along to practice Energy Bagua. Every day, he received energy blessings from the fellow practitioners. I will never forget one practice session on a rainy day. To my surprise, my son’s scar, which had been 0.5 cm wide, had disappeared. It’s miraculous.

I was stunned; I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a deep scar; my flesh had been cut deeply. I was worried that I might die from blood loss. The blood was gushing out. I couldn’t even feel my arm. Will I lose this arm? Will this arm be amputated? I was so negative at that time. I couldn’t work during that period. I took a 6-month break to recover. I couldn’t do much during my recovery. I couldn’t move my arm. I could only read books.

I was aware of Dad’s Energy Bagua practice at that time. I could see that his health had improved; he had also lost a few pounds. I was seeking an alternative recovery method, since there was nothing else medically that could be done. I wanted to hasten my arm’s recovery. I felt good when practicing Energy Bagua. When you are circling, you become empty. It calms you physically and mentally. It banished unnecessary negative thoughts, such as “Will this arm recover fully?”

I couldn’t do much with this arm. I couldn’t even keep my palm straight. At that time, my son was a year old. I was worried that I couldn’t carry him with my right arm. Or, maybe I wouldn’t get to spend time with my son outdoors. I like playing basketball. I figured that with this injury, I could never play basketball again. Luckily, through my regular practice of Energy Bagua, my arm recovered gradually. I can even play basketball now. Although I can’t fully do things which require delicate hand movements, I have no problem doing basic movements. Even the doctor was amazed at how well and fast I recovered.

I was blaming myself for his injury. I was the one who asked him to come back form Taipei. At that time, he couldn’t even feel his arm and his fingers. It was truly amazing. With Energy Bagua, energy blessings and light-offerings, his arm has recovered in just 6 months. He couldn’t straighten his fingers before, but they are fine now.

I couldn’t do a proper Dragon Palm, because I couldn’t control my fingers.

How long did it take for you to recover?

About 4 months of practice. I consider this injury a blessing in disguise. It is not something good, but it revealed something different. I recognized things that didn’t exist in my life before.

This is miraculous. Both of us have been deeply inspired. I am enthusiastic about inviting people to join me to practice Energy Bagua. Energy Bagua makes me strong and able to take care of my parents. Come to Bodhi Meditation. Refer to my 13-month experience as well as to my son’s recovery from injury. I offered a light; he was willing to practice wearing his protective gear. His hand movements have become normal now. This is not magic, but the results of practicing Energy Bagua.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.