Zhengfa Li, Singapore


About six months ago I developed dry eyes and had to rely on eye drops to keep them moist. I also had a chronic cough which acted up every year. It was common for me to cough so hard that my throat swelled. Sometimes, a fever would follow and when it got serious, I’d see a doctor. The doctor said I had a poorly functioning immune system, which was why I got sick every year. On top of that, my feet were always cold and I got up often during the night to urinate.

Earlier this year (2019), a friend told me about Energy Bagua and suggested I give it a try. So, in April, I went to an Energy Bagua practice location to learn and practice. After having practiced for just three days, my eyes moistened up and were no longer dry and itchy. This motivated me to keep practicing. Two weeks later, I realized that my feet no longer were cold and I no longer had to get up at night to urinate.

I received even more benefits than that. My back had started to hunch due to my age and it was slightly out of shape whenever I sat down. Thanks to Energy Bagua, my posture is in good shape, and I lost three kilograms! Previously, I would develop a fever after the coughing episodes every year. I still coughed a little this year but had no fever. I would say that my biggest gain this year is the joy of being free from my health issues! For me, health is the biggest wealth and practicing Energy Bagua is how I obtain such wealth!

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.