“After Energy Bagua, I am full of energy and spirituality!”
“Energy Bagua improved my health and I am more energetic than ever!”

What is so amazing about Energy Bagua?

What are the areas you need to pay attention to when you begin your Energy Bagua practice?

Give yourself a chance to live a healthy life by listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s sharing about Energy Bagua.

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Energy Bagua Get Started

First, you become more energized. Second, your health begins to recover.

Energy Bagua Get Started

For friends who just started practicing Energy Bagua, regardless of your health situation, I suggest you practice as much as you can. If you get tired while practicing, take a break; step out of the circle. You can either stand or sit. Drink some water and have a rest. Then continue practicing.

Even if you get tired after 5 minutes of practice, it is OK to take a break. If your hands or shoulders are sore, you can drop your arms while walking. You can also shake out your hands to relax them. Then continue practicing. Everyone has experienced this. They soon improve.

To get better results, practice an hour every day. Practice one hour a day for 30 days; you will feel a big difference. First, you become energetic. Second, your health begins to recover. You can take a break during practice, but remember to practice at least for an hour a day. You will see positive results.

If you have a particular health situation, decide for yourself. You can just stop practicing. If you faint or vomit every time you practice, I suggest you give it up. If your doctor firmly advises you to quit practicing, you should decide for yourself. It is fine. You own your body.

However, as far as I know, various leg ailments could be cured with persistent practice of Energy Bagua.