Practicing Energy Bagua helps to replenish energy, regain health and be at ease.

How long should a beginner practice Energy Bagua? Grandmaster JinBodhi is the founder of Energy Bagua. Let’s listen to his teachings to find out the minimum time required to benefit from practice.


That’s an interesting question. All beginners have different physical conditions, and belong to different age groups. Some may feel tired after practicing for several minutes, because of poor health conditions. At the beginning, they can take a break or drink some water when they feel tired. After a rest, they can continue practicing. It doesn’t help if you only practice several minutes a day. Therefore, to be healthy and happy, you should be persistent. It’s okay to take a break and continue later.

Beginners should practice not less than an hour a day. The break time shouldn’t be counted as practice time. Only count the time you’re really practicing. If you count break time as practice time, then your one hour may only equal 20 minutes. That won’t help much.

So, to benefit from our practice method, you have to put in time and effort. The more you practice, the better results you’ll get. It’s good to improve your health condition through this method. Many diseases are incurable by modern medicine. You’ll be lucky to eliminate the diseases or even just alleviate them. Practice at least one hour per day. Thus, you have to persist. Practice at least one hour daily. That’s the minimum.