Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life is a book about the philosophy of Energy Bagua and Yin and Yang.

This book combines Grandmaster JinBodhi‘s many years of experience with the practice of Energy Bagua and the inspiration of Energy Bagua philosophy. Although it includes profound philosophy, it is easy to understand and provides readers with a relaxed reading experience.

If you can apply the philosophy of Energy Bagua into your everyday life, including cultivation, well-being, management and relationships, you will benefit dramatically. You may even positively change your fate.

Please listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s introduction to this book.


I wrote the book “Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life”. Read it and it will deepen your understanding of Bagua. The “Bagua” we know consists of 8 trigrams. The flag of South Korea has 4 trigrams in each corner, with a Yin and Yang symbol in the center. Thus, there are similarities in terms of culture and philosophy between China and South Korea. These similarities are influenced by the “Bagua” concept. The concept of Energy Bagua should sound familiar.

This book is about my understanding of Bagua. In fact, it is more than Energy Bagua. My understanding of what Bagua is far exceeds what most people think Bagua is. It involves topics on health, ethics, management, energy, etc. It also involves topics such as fate and luck. The long list of topics may appear easy to understand, but examples included in the book give fresh ideas.

After reading it, you will be able to apply the Bagua philosophy in your daily encounters. You will deal with friends, fame, and life in the Bagua way. You will even understand management from the Bagua perspective. It also helps you deal with your family and colleagues. You will even become a better communicator. If you lack self-confidence, you will gain more after reading this book. You will be more composed and calm when reaching out to people. All these are possible after reading this book.

The content may appear shallow, yet is also profound. Some people finish reading the book in 2 days; some in a night. Some thought they understood everything, but the next day, they realized they didn’t understand a thing. Then they started to ponder what they had read and tried to understand the content. It is not so profoundly deep that you don’t understand anything at all. You can apply the depth of the content in various ways.

This understanding is based on your application of the philosophy. Before reading this book, you understand Bagua and Yin-Yang philosophy from hearsay. Without reading this book, you may not know how to apply it. After reading it, you will know how to deal with problems when they appear. You will be able to foresee problems even before they appear. This book will provide you with the knowledge to do that.

This book gives a broad perspective on meditation and health. However, this book has a greater purpose. It enables you to have a composed, calm and relaxed mind to deal with life, and to live each day with ease and joy. It is about what you do if you want to avoid falling ill. So, are you interested yet? I am not deliberately making things seem mysterious. To know how good this book is, you need to read it. I recommend you do.

I didn’t plan to write this book, but I knew I needed to share my inspiration. It is an understanding acquired through a lot of reading and understanding my master’s teachings. It also includes my views on life after years of meditation practice. All these contributed to my understanding of Energy Bagua. You will find this book unlike those written by other masters.

I hope you will get this book and read it.