After several years of promotion, Energy Bagua has become extremely popular around the world.

Why is Energy Bagua accepted by so many people within such a short time? What are the unique features of Energy Bagua compared with other exercise methods?

Grandmaster JinBodhi reveals the secrets of Energy Bagua in this video.


Hello, everyone. Let’s talk about Energy Bagua. It is a very special method that boosts health.

You may have heard of Bagua Zhang. Bagua Zhang is a martial art that requires constant circling. It is powerful, yet very subtle, like a flying dragon. It is a martial art that looks like a dance. It teaches self-defense and methods of attack.

But Energy Bagua is practiced for the purpose of regaining health. It is a form of Taoist art. You don’t have to change your dietary habits to practice. It is not religious. Anyone can practice. It just requires walking in a circle. It is best to walk around a tree. Connect and exchange energy with the tree as you circle it. Starting with the tree, you slowly become one with Nature, Earth and everything around you.

For me, all Nature’s creations, such as the earth, mountains and rivers, contain great energy. Different forms of matter release different kinds of energy. When you circle a tree, your life energy connects and merges with the world. Nature senses your sincerity and helps adjust your bodily needs; for example, dispersing your internal body heat or replenishing vital energy.

I have observed that most illnesses are due to a lack of vital energy. As the Chinese call it “lack of qi”. In English, it might be called “lacking power”. By practicing Energy Bagua, these illnesses can be treated. Energy Bagua helps to accumulate and balance your energy. If your body contains too much Yin energy, try practicing Energy Bagua. Nature will show its love for you.

The clockwise and counter-clockwise circling will balance your vital energy. What you lack will be replenished; the excess will be eliminated. Yin and Yang will balance your health. Basic medical knowledge will help you understand the concept of balance. If you are paralyzed, that is an example of imbalance. Even dizziness is a type of imbalance. Knowing the forms of imbalance helps you detect your health issues. These issues can be corrected through Energy Bagua.

It is simple and easy to practice. It is a miraculous method. I have benefited from it. I was seriously ill when I was young. I was taught this method by Grandmaster Ren. My health improved vastly after practicing Energy Bagua. That was my experience.

Your health will only improve after practicing for 100 days. If you think that is too long, then don’t waste your time. You need to practice for more than 100 days. Just an hour a day is enough. Busyness is not an excuse. Being busy shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore your longevity and health. You should spend some time for the sake of your health and happiness.

You need hobbies and friends. All these will improve your quality of life. You can’t work too much or be too lazy. You need to incorporate some exercise in your daily life. Try meditation, calligraphy, read some books, or make friends. Now this is a healthy lifestyle.

I also recommend practicing Energy Bagua. It is so easy that everyone can learn it. You don’t need a large space to practice. If you are practicing in a bedroom, move the bed out of the way. I recommend practicing outdoors throughout the year. If you can withstand the change of seasonal temperatures, your health will improve tremendously. If you don’t get sick during a year of practice, your lifespan will increase by about 12 years.

I strongly recommend Energy Bagua for quickly gaining health, longevity and joy. It is easy to learn and has no side effects, only benefits. Cities are over-developed. There aren’t many places to practice. You can practice in the morning or at night in the park. You can also practice in your backyard or living room. It only takes a while. Practice for 100 days or even a year. Rate your health condition at the end. You be the judge as to whether I am lying or not.

Come practice Energy Bagua. I will be waiting.