Some people say, “My legs hurt, so I can’t practice Energy Bagua. I should exercise less to reduce the wear-and-tear on my knees. Too much activity might cause joint degeneration.”

Should people with leg pain practice Energy Bagua? Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s advice.


(Hello, Master. Our legs are hurting. Can we still practice Energy Bagua?)

Some don’t practice because of leg pain. I tell people to practice to ease their pain. The more they practice, the less pain they feel.

In my opinion, not all doctors give the best advice. Here is an example. As people age, the cartilage on the kneecaps gets worn down. Doctors may advise people to walk less and expect surgery. Knee-replacement surgery is not easy. It is a risk, and positive results are not guaranteed.

For me, artificial body parts aren’t as good as original ones. Agree? (Yes.) Some people replace an original tooth with a gold tooth. Imagine the gold tooth gets sneezed out. See? It isn’t as good as the original one. Nothing beats our own original body parts.

We have honest doctors who tell us which diseases are treatable and which aren’t. Some recommend alternatives to boost recovery. They advise exercises such as jogging, lifting weights, qigong, meditation, and yoga. These are just some examples. Some medications will help control the illness but not cure it. To recover completely, you will need to strengthen your immune system. Thus, you need effective methods in the form of exercises. Honest doctors warn their patients about the drugs they prescribe.

Some said their doctors told them not to exercise too much. Here, we practice Energy Bagua, which is a gentle exercise. So, I told them stories of practitioners who feel better after practicing. Some feel their pain fading away the more they practice. Most people’s conditions improve, unless their illness is really grave.