Jie Minli, New York, USA

Energy Bagua,Insomnia

I immigrated to the United States in 2013. It was a stressful time as I had to adapt to a new environment, and overcome the language barrier. Soon my health was affected and I was diagnosed with cholecystitis. I tried all kinds of treatment including Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, although none of them worked. With no other available options, I opted for surgery to remove my gallbladder. My body was very weak after the operation. My appetite was poor and I suffered from diarrhea for every bit of food I did eat. I also suffered from insomnia. My weight dropped to a mere 80 pounds (36 kg).

In 2015, while at a park, I saw a group of practitioners practicing Energy Bagua and simply joined them. After a month, I felt relaxed and could sleep through the night. Three months into the practice, I felt calm and at peace. I was no longer pessimistic. My appetite also improved, and I could eat normally without episodes of diarrhea.

By practicing Energy Bagua, I have gained vital energy which lets my body and mind relax and at the same time, eliminates my stress. Thus, my health is restored.

As I persevered in my Energy Bagua practice and listened to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma lectures, I became more tolerant of others. I am filled with energy to carry out my daily tasks. My weight is now at a healthy 110 pounds (49 kg). Energy Bagua is really a fantastic practice.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.