Kok Foong Peng | MALAYSIA

Her daughter often reminds her: “Mom, you must practice Energy Bagua every day!” What is the healing story behind this heartwarming reminder? Let’s listen to Kok Foong Peng tell her story!

Resolving 10 Years of Leg & Lower Back Pain


For the last 10 years, I’ve suffered terrible leg pain. I had to apply medicinal oil every night in order to sleep. To get into a car, I had to use my hands to lift my legs. Three years ago, I developed a spinal problem that caused me frequent pain. I could not complete many household chores without lying down to rest. The more I suffered pain, the more irritable I became. Often, I would vent my impatience and anger at my grandchild when he returned home from school.

Happy and Energetic

In February 2016, my daughter brought me to Bao Ling Bodhi Meditation Center. I was skeptical about practicing Energy Bagua. Never did I imagine it would become the golden key to my good health.

When I first began my practice, I had to put up with soreness. Though each session left me drenched in sweat, there was a great feeling of comfort in my body and mind. Three months into my regular practice routine, my back was no longer in pain and I was happy to realize I could perform household chores with ease.

By August 2016, I no longer experienced any pain in my legs, which was the most pleasant surprise for me. Rubbing myself with medicinal oil every night was a thing of the past. Getting into a car is easy. And I can handle carrying a five-kilogram load. Before Energy Bagua, a two-kilogram load was a struggle.

Improved health has made me calm and peaceful. I now enjoy a 15-minute walk every day to my local grocery store. Upon returning home, I have the energy to happily prepare meals for my grandchild. When there is a need at the Bodhi Meditation Center, I help with the preparation of food and beverages. Working with others is such a joy.

Three of my neighbors have also joined Energy Bagua, practicing daily. All of us feel energetic. Energy Bagua has changed me. It not only restored my health, it made me a happier person. Impressed by my dramatic results, my daughter frequently insists, “Mom, you must practice Bagua every day!”

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.