Energy Bagua, as taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi, is a method that has helped countless people recover their vitality. Grandmaster JinBodhi had an Energy Bagua disciple who came back to life from the brink of death through practicing Energy Bagua.

This story is wonderful and touching. Please listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi as he recounts this heartwarming journey of transformation.


When I was 14, I had a good-natured friend. One day, he told me his father had just had a gastrectomy. His cancer was advanced. The surgery had removed most of his stomach. Only a small part was left. The son admitted no one could help. The doctor told him to treat his dad well. He didn’t have much time left. His dad was expected to die in 2 months. I felt sorry for my friend. I wondered why he had brought his dad to see me. The doctor said no one could cure the cancer. The cancer was expected to spread and cause death. He asked me to teach his dad Energy Bagua. I wasn’t sure if it would cure the illness. The poor son begged me. “OK, I’ll teach him some easy moves.”

I’d learned 8 moves. The old man couldn’t even do one. His poses were terrible. I corrected him until he was fed up. He asked me to be lenient since he was a novice and a patient. Since he was so sick, I stopped correcting him as long as he could walk. Every 5 minutes, he had to sit and rest. He was covered with sweat. After a month, he could practice continuously for 15 minutes. He was persistent. He continued after every break. I left the place a month later to continue my cultivation elsewhere. Let’s fast-forward the story by 10 years. One day 10 years later, I returned to this city. I was walking down the street when I heard someone calling “Master!” I saw a “swordsman,” a tough guy. This guy rode up to me, braked, and jumped off the bike.

“Master, remember me?”

To make sure, I asked, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, remember me?”

“I have no disciple like you.”

He knew I didn’t recognize him, so he told me about his son and learning Energy Bagua from me. I was surprised.

“You haven’t died yet?”

“Why would you think that?”

Of course I thought that. He was so sick and looked terrible 10 years earlier. How could he get so much better? Turns out he practiced Energy Bagua daily ever since retiring due to illness. He had a full black beard, and his eyes and whole body radiated energy. He looked very strong. He told me what had happened. After I left him, he practiced Energy Bagua 2 hours a day. It was exhausting but over time, he increased to 3 hours a day, and finally 4 hours a day. He felt death was imminent. All he could do was practice Energy Bagua to save his life. Later, he felt bored practicing alone, so he hung up a sign and wore a tank-top which had “Free Energy Bagua Lessons” printed on the front and back. In the end he had many students. He took me to see them. There were a couple dozen to maybe even 100 people there. He said he had even taught over 300 students at a time. The students occupied half the park. Many martial artists had switched to practicing Energy Bagua.