1. How does Energy Bagua communicate the energy of the Universe in the course of practice?

Our whole body is in the wide expanse of the Universe regardless of time and space. When practicing Energy Bagua, we walk in circles, alternately turning clockwise and counterclockwise, which corresponds to how the Universe functions. Through this correspondence, a kind of magnetic field that resonates with the energy of the Universe is produced. My grandmaster [Master’s master] once said, “Our human body is only but a speck of dust in the Universe; when combined with other substances, it may become a ray of light, a form of heat, or a planet.”

Across the starry Universe, planets orbit. Every planet has its own trajectory. Practitioners in ancient times discovered this and tried to echo planetary orbits in spiritual practice. Only a handful of people in Ancient China used this method of practice in the hope of achieving immortality and wisdom. Today we use this unique method to keep ourselves fit and peaceful.


2. I’ve been practicing Energy Bagua for five years. Why is it easier to bend my knees deeply than it used to be?

Your Energy Bagua fundamentals have improved somewhat. With this foundation, together with the improved bone density in your legs, better overall health, and the energy accumulated over time, you will be able to squat lower than previously. It seems a force is guiding you down, and bending your knees more deeply increases your comfort and the energy that courses through you.

However, if you have practiced Energy Bagua for only a short period of time and are over 40 years old, I would advise against deepening the squat. The purpose of practice is to improve our health. It is not true that the lower we squat, the more our health will benefit. Individual condition must be considered. Pushing yourself too hard while practicing can result in injury. If necessary, resting two or three times within an hour of daily practice is fine. The important thing is to be safe while gaining benefits from Energy Bagua.


3. Should we visualize being compassionate while practicing Energy Bagua?

I do not advise or encourage visualizing being compassionate or creating your own visualization while practicing Energy Bagua. Listen to and follow my guiding words during the practice.

I begin the practice by reminding all to let energy settle into the lower abdomen, then allow the energy to flow, and visualize yourself enclosed in an energy-filled barrel. At the beginning of each practice, follow the guiding words and visualize accordingly. But in the process of walking, it is not always possible to concentrate at all times as fatigue begins to set in. It is fine if you start to walk at ease without focusing on the words.

When changing direction, I will remind all to allow energy to settle into the lower abdomen and to stay rooted to the ground. The intention is to recall the guiding words once again and then naturally cease thinking after a while. A few minutes later, you will hear: “I am the mountain, I am the water.” The objective is to lead everyone to visualize Nature and let our mind and soul be united with the mountains, earth, air, sunshine, grasses, and dewdrops.


4. Is Energy Bagua suitable for a person with depression?

Energy Bagua is suitable for almost anyone. Melancholy is usually caused by the body’s lack of energy. Practicing Energy Bagua in the morning is a good remedy for those suffering from depression.

When the sun rises in the morning, it evokes in us the strength of its emerging energy. To the Chinese, the energy of the sun is yang. We feel happy when exposed to this uplifting energy. Practicing Energy Bagua between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. is the easiest way to replenish positive power. Your day will be filled with lifeforce energy.


5. My legs are very sore. Shall I continue to practice Energy Bagua

If your doctor did not tell you not to move, I suggest you practice Energy Bagua. The limbs need to be used. After a prolonged period of not walking due to pain, it is likely that the legs will degenerate and suffering will gradually increase. I know more than 10 people at Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center who had severe pain in their legs. They persisted in practicing Energy Bagua and their pain gradually subsided.

Some people have corns on the soles of their feet. It is extremely painful to walk in this condition. There are many who suffer from all kinds of lower-back and knee issues. As long as you are still able to walk, I encourage you to practice Energy Bagua. Many practitioners with pain had difficulty in the practice at first. They had to use crutches or canes. After some time, they were able to walk at ease independently. They were no longer suffering.

To get healthier, we need to move. Before you practice Energy Bagua, be mentally prepared that you may feel uncomfortable initially or your existing pains may even worsen. That is because your legs, knee joints and other parts of your body might have existing health problems. With persistent practice, perhaps the pain will be reduced or gone for good, and you will be able to walk in comfort.


6. How do I relax my body when practicing Energy Bagua?

Before we practice Energy Bagua, we do some simple warmup exercises that relax our neck and the joints of the shoulders, hands, legs, and ankles. For those who do not exercise often or do not carry out warmup exercises, occasionally a very simple action will cause the joints to twist or sprain. Warming up before every practice session is imperative.

When practicing Energy Bagua, do not tense up the body. Our shoulders and neck must be relaxed to the extent that when someone gently presses down on the shoulders, the hands drop naturally. When there is no resistance, it means you have adopted a relaxed posture.