Energy Bagua has been introduced to the world in recent years and its popularity has surged all over the globe. This walking meditation, which is derived from ancient Chinese culture and philosophy, is much loved by an ever-growing number of people.

In December 2015, Grandmaster JinBodhi made a special trip to Korea’s Busan Haeundae Bodhi Meditation Center to address a delighted audience of Energy Bagua enthusiasts. He outlined the main points to be aware of when practicing, spoke about the benefits, and also gave a demonstration.

Regained Health

At the start of the gathering in the Medicine Buddha Hall, Grandmaster JinBodhi invited the attendees to share how Energy Bagua has benefited their physical health.

One participant said, “My legs, knees and waist were previously in pain. However, after three months of walking Energy Bagua regularly, the pain has gone!” Another shared that after walking Energy Bagua, she had regained her sense of balance and her body felt extremely relaxed; fatigue and feelings of heaviness were gone.

The Right Movements

A few students came on stage to do a demonstration. Grandmaster JinBodhi corrected their postures. While demonstrating Energy Bagua’s mysteriously graceful movements, Grandmaster JinBodhi explained in detail the finer points of each movement. He emphasized that “the more accurate the movements, the greater the effects.”

While walking Energy Bagua, both arms and legs, together with the path one walks, must be round. Ancient Chinese believed that Nature is round, and that Heaven and Earth are moving in circular orbit simultaneously. Hence, the act of moving in circles gathers the most potent energy, and channeling it through the body brings longevity.

Persevere and Commit

Grandmaster JinBodhi reminded everyone that consistent practice of an hour a day is key to a revolving lifeforce.

On the winter solstice of 2015, Grandmaster JinBodhi sent words of blessings through Facebook: “Winter solstice is marked by the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the day when yin energy reaches its apex of the year and the yang energy gradually increases. According to the law of yin-yang fish, this is also the movement of the yang eye. Beginning to walk Energy Bagua on winter solstice signifies the end of all afflictions and the beginning of future joy. Great health and bountiful bliss await us at next year’s winter solstice.”

The stresses of modern life and attendant health problems have the potential to be alleviated through Energy Bagua. Consistent practice cultivates one’s spirituality. With every movement, let us embody the energy from the Universe and receive auspiciousness, good health, prosperity, and happiness.