Q1. Can we practice Energy Bagua outdoors during the rainy season?

The best way to practice Energy Bagua is outdoors during all four seasons of the year. Persisting through the extreme temperatures of summer and winter will make your body sturdier.

This is somewhat akin to making swords in ancient times. The iron was cast into the stove and heated till blazing before being hammered. Only through this process did a sword become both tough and tensile. After it was hammered, the iron was heated again and cast into cold water. This process, known as tempering steel, reduces the metal’s hardness. Undergoing sudden temperature change causes parts of the iron to gradually carburize into steel, sharpening the cutting edge of the sword.

Although the human body is not made of steel, we can think of building physical strength in terms of steel, which undergoes the tempering process. If we practice indoors in summer with the air-conditioning turned on, and in winter with the heater turned on, we don’t have the chance to experience the natural heat and cold. For the sake of developing fortitude, I suggest practicing Energy Bagua outdoors in all seasons if your body can tolerate the temperature fluctuations.

However, as our environment becomes increasingly urbanized, some may prefer to practice Energy Bagua at our meditation centers. The indoor temperature should not be kept too high during cold seasons. A practice area that is too warm will hinder positive results. Likewise, during summer, our Energy Bagua centers’ air-conditioning should not be blasting.

In natural conditions, we can experience and go with the flow of the changing temperatures of the seasons.


Q2. I have been practicing Energy Bagua for more than half a year. I am no longer suffering from the back pain that plagued me for 10 years. Does this mean that I have completely recovered?

Your recovery may not be complete, and it is best to persevere in the practice. My advice, in general, is to continue your practice daily, but not for too many hours at each session. The positive effects of consistent practice accumulate over time; the body gradually becomes healthier. There is no guarantee that illness will not resurface, as the body is a living organism comprised of countless dynamic cells.

At the same time, the different types of food we consume daily can also be the cause of health problems. The emotional ups and downs that we experience could also lead to physical discomfort, blockages or illnesses. Thus, we cannot be sure that any illness is completely cured. I want to remind everyone that it is only through determination in your practice that you may regain health.

Once, while I was doing a live telecast on Energy Bagua, a practitioner shared that after she started the practice, her hay fever of many years was eliminated. Previously she was afraid of the cold and wind, and she would wear four layers of clothing. During summer she often needed to put on a thick sweater.

She is feeling much better now and is free of pollen-caused allergies. I am very happy for her. She asked if her allergies were permanently cured. I hope so, but I also hope that she will continue to practice Energy Bagua daily.

There are many causes of illnesses. Habits related to eating, drinking, breathing, emotions, and the demands of jobs can all be at the root of poor health. There are also genetic factors that cause diseases. We have several hundred generations of ancestors and from them an accumulation of thousands of years of genes related to cancer, heart diseases, physical disabilities, even deafness or muteness. Any form of illness could manifest in our body. There is a strong likelihood of the current generation suffering from diseases that are of the same types that occurred in the last three to five generations.

The origins of illnesses are many and varied. Hence, we need to practice diligently and consistently so that we can improve our overall condition and regain health.


Q3. There are no Bodhi Meditation Centers or teachers near my house. How should I proceed?

Online resources for Energy Bagua practice are available. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy of Energy Bagua Primary Teaching Guide from your local meditation center or our online store at CiBeiYin.com. The educational DVD will enable you to grasp the essentials of Energy Bagua and the CD has my step-by-step guide for your daily practice.

If you are a beginner, do not exceed one hour of practice daily during the first week. For seniors, because extended periods of walking may cause pain, do not exceed three hours of practice per day. We need to manage our physical exertion well.


Q4. Are we allowed to close our eyes when practicing Energy Bagua?

You are not allowed to close your eyes during Energy Bagua practice. You may accidentally hit the walls or sharp objects and hurt yourself. In a soothing ambiance with gentle, harmonious Energy Bagua music, closing your eyes may cause you to fall asleep. For safety, you should not close your eyes while practicing this walking exercise.


Q5. Why do I feel dizzy during the turning and changing of direction in Energy Bagua?

During turning and changing direction, we are changing the momentum. Experiencing dizziness at this time could mean that the body is weak. The person could be suffering from insomnia, blood pressure or blood-related health issues. Some elderly people stagger when walking in a straight line. This could indicate health issues related to the pituitary gland.

If you are walking indoors, ensure that the room has good air circulation. Dizziness can happen if the room is poorly ventilated. Sit down and take a rest, have a sip of water or do some deep breathing when you feel dizzy. Under safe conditions, do some gentle jumping.

Generally, for a person who perseveres and practices Energy Bagua daily for more than a month, the dizziness should fade. When you can make turns without feeling dizzy, it indicates that your heart, blood pressure, and overall health are in better shape.