He Tao | Australia
An Hour a Day for Healthy Kidneys

I moved to Australia to work as a welder. In 2006, just two years later, I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. (Editor’s note: Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder with multiple symptoms including foamy urine, edema and hyperlipidemia.) Instead of a brand-new start for my family and me in a new country, it was the start of a downward spiral with my health.

Failing Kidneys

My urine protein dipstick value was at a high of 4+, and my cholesterol index was at 8.6 mmol/L. (Editor’s note: The urine protein dipstick value can range from negative to 4+; the greater the value, the greater the amount of protein in the urine. Normal cholesterol index range is between 5.2 mmol/L and5.4 mmol/L.) After months of treatment my symptoms were worsening, and I was worn out.

Medical treatments were expensive. As the sole breadwinner,I continued to work from early morning till late at night despite my deteriorating health. Exhaustion and stress consumed me. I was on the brink of death. I tried various ways to cure my illness including two shots of a new kind of stem-cell injection, which cost an exorbitant amount. However, the treatments failed to improve my condition.

I bought personal insurance and planned for my wife’s future and that of our two children. My family knew of my worst-case plans, but no one was willing to talk about them. The atmosphere at home was very depressing.

Compassionate Words

Just as I was about to lose all hope, I learned of Bodhi Meditation through a Perth newspaper. In April 2012, I met Grandmaster JinBodhi at the Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat held in South Korea. I received an energy blessing from Master. My body felt warm and relaxed. I experienced a peace I had never felt before.

Grandmaster advised me to practice an hour of Energy Bagua daily to regain my vitality. I was very touched by his compassionate words — I felt he understood my situation. I did not have the physical strength and time to practice other methods of meditation so I focused on Energy Bagua.

Back home, I started my daily practice. It was Grandmaster’s words that inspired me to persist through exhaustion. At every practice, I would perspire profusely after 10 minutes of walking. At the end of the hour, I’d feel especially energetic and refreshed.

A Divine Gift

In March 2013, Grandmaster advised all practitioners to diligently practice meditation at the same time every night for 30 days. I practiced Energy Bagua for an hour and meditated for 10 to 30 minutes every day. On the last night of the retreat, my wife had a dream of Grandmaster in which he told her that I had fully recovered.

I did a home test and the dipstick value indicated “normal,” which meant there was no protein in my urine. At the insistence of my wife, I went for a medical checkup. A week later, the report showed that I was no longer suffering from proteinuria and my cholesterol index had also dropped into the normal range. I was stunned. For so many years, my test results were nowhere near as good despite taking copious amounts of medication.

Through practicing meditation for a year, I lost six kilograms. Fatigue and edema were problems of the past. My complexion became rosy and I grew into a cheerful and energetic person. In 2014, my family and I had medical checkups. The results showed that I am the healthiest person in the family.

Sharing Happiness

Through Grandmaster’s teachings, I have learned to live life with gratitude and contentment. In 2016, when the Australian economy was in the doldrums resulting in a large number of layoffs, I was thankful that I still had my job.

I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for the opportunity to learn Energy Bagua. In 2018, our family initiated an Energy Bagua group. We want to share this wonderful practice and happiness with as many people as possible.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.