Grandmaster JinBodhi said, “We should practice Energy Bagua during the ‘three heats in summer and three colds in winter.’” What secret does this imply? When we practice Energy Bagua outdoors during all four seasons, what elevation will it bring us in each season? Let us find out in this video.

Q&A on Energy Bagua “Hello, Master. In the rain season, it is cold and damp outside. Can we still practice Energy Bagua outside?”


We actually can. Usually, martial arts practitioners practiced outdoors. Except for sitting meditation and chanting that are usually indoors. As it is without physical movement and heat, we practice indoors to keep us warm. As for Energy Bagua, it is best to practice outdoors. We practice outdoors in all seasons. We practice three “heats” in summer and three “colds” in winter. After we keep practicing in the two extreme seasons, your skills may increase. You may gain some power. After you have practiced for 365 days, you would be healthy and live long. According to my practice experience, if you keep practicing continuously for the entire year, your illness will reduce, and your energy will increase. So, I hope you can persist in practicing for a whole year of four seasons. Though it may be contradictory to our fated lifespan, we will still become much healthier after one year of practice.

I recommend practicing outdoors. But, when we have a big warm room, people tend to practice inside. It is also OK, however, the room where we practice Energy Bagua shouldn’t be too warm. If it is snowy, cold outside, and you have to wear two layers of thick clothes, but inside the room you only need to wear a Tshirt. The room is too warm for your practice. It will be too hot or fiery to stand. It cannot balance or make our body healthy. So, either we practice Energy Bagua inside our meditation center now or in our future Energy Bagua practicing centers, the temperature shouldn’t be too high, but a bit cold. After a while, you will feel hot. You can take off your thick clothes to practice. This is proper temperature. I hope you can keep practicing for an entire year.

Please remember: We practice three Heats in summer and three Colds in winter. Persist in the hottest and coldest days. You will become strong. It is like tempering weapons. Iron is usually burned to red in a furnace and then taken out to be hammered. After hammering, it becomes strong. After that, it will be burned to red again and dipped into cold water immediately. It is quenching steel, making iron sudden hot and cold. It then creates the carbonized structure to make iron stronger. When iron is not hard enough, after this process, the carbonized iron will turn into steel. Knives made through this will be sharp. These good knives are sold to different countries. Some people use them to cut cotton and rubber. They are really sharp because of this process of quenching steel.

Human bodies are not steel, but it is the same concept to undergo extreme natural coldness or hotness. If you stay in a room with air conditioning, you don’t feel hot or cold. With an air conditioner in summer, and a heater in winter, the room is kept at the same average temperature all year round. You are always enjoying the spring. You don’t experience quenching by the varied temperatures of the four seasons. I suggest if your body can stand it, try to practice outdoors. Since it is more and more urbanized now, if it is truly inconvenient outdoors, welcome to our meditation centers or our future Energy Bagua centers to practice Energy Bagua. The Energy Bagua centers will not be too warm in winter, but a bit cold. In summer, the air-conditioner temperature will not be set to too cold. This way we can feel the summer heat. These are my viewpoints and suggestions. I hope you can think about them.