Lai Zhizhong, Malaysia

I am a retired elementary school principal. I had a bad temper and didn’t know how to empathize or actively care for others. As well, my child suffered from autism and my wife’s health was not good. Because of this, I was often afflicted and rarely smiled. However, after finding Energy Bagua, everything changed.

Finding Energy Bagua and Getting Rid of Sciatica

My wife had suffered from severe sciatica for five years. The slightest change in position would trigger excruciating pain in her lower back and down her legs, to the point where she would need support getting in and out of the car. The pain would continue for at least three days. When the pain was too much to bear, she would go to the doctor, take painkillers and get acupuncture and massage. But all these methods only relieved the pain for a few days. During those years, she took medication almost daily. Three or four years ago, my wife’s cervical spine calcified and became rigid, the loss of flexibility making it difficult to move. In addition, the blood vessels in the cervical spine were obstructed, which led to hypoxia in her brain. Every day she experienced dizziness, headaches and poor sleep. The doctor suggested surgery to correct her cervical spine problem; however, she did not undergo surgery because she worried about the risk and end result.

One day, after I saw a Meditation & Health magazine, I searched Bodhi Meditation online with my family and, because we found that it was suitable for us, we decided to give it a try. In April 2015, my wife and I participated in a group session at the JB-Fine Dharma Bodhi Meditation Center. We received an energy blessing which felt very good. Later, I encouraged my wife to learn Energy Bagua.

My wife started practicing Energy Bagua in May. About a month later, her cervical spine was 70% to 80% recovered, and the stiffness in her neck had significantly decreased. She became more flexible in her movement, and her dizziness and headaches almost completely disappeared. At night, she could fall asleep within half an hour! My wife was very excited after seeing these initial results. She also participated in the 8.5-Day Health and Happiness Retreat in June of the same year. After the retreat, her sciatica was completely healed and never returned. She can even run now! She no longer needs medication or acupuncture and massage. She feels like she has been reborn and looks more youthful. Without the suffering, my wife’s mood is as bright as the sun every day.

Entire Family Benefits from Energy Bagua

Because of my wife’s experience, I also signed up for a Health & Happiness Retreat in August of the same year. I benefited a lot from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings. Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion and love deeply moved me, and I experienced remarkable spiritual growth. I used to get angry about the littlest of things, but my temper has improved and I am now more understanding and considerate of others. I often have a smile on my face and am more optimistic and at ease. Through daily meditation and listening to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, I am able to  understand myself from a different perspective and open my heart to embrace my true self.

My youngest son is 25 years old this year (2016). Autistic since childhood, he was often irritable and impatient and couldn’t control his emotions. After my wife and I learned meditation, he has been joining us almost every day in meditation that includes one hour of The Meditation of Greater Illumination, half an hour of The Meditation of Purity and one hour of Energy Bagua. Sometimes, we also do prostration. Every week, my wife and I take him to the meditation center to receive energy blessings. As a result, not only is he calmer, but he can also control his emotions.

Now our family is healthy and happy. I am fortunate. All these ground-breaking changes are because of our encounter with Bodhi Meditation!

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua will vary from person to person.)