An Ancient Eastern meditation practice for holistic health & wellness.

Energy Bagua

Energy for Life!

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What is Energy Bagua?

Energy Bagua is a walking meditation that rapidly replenishes vital life energy and overall health. Thanks to Energy Bagua, countless people have stepped into vibrant health, fitness, wellbeing, and happiness.

What are the origins of Energy Bagua?

This effective and easy-to-learn practice is the culmination of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s decades of self-cultivation practice. Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches Energy Bagua with the wish that more people may regain health.

Who can practice Energy Bagua?

There are no age, ethnicity or gender limitations when it comes to learning and practicing Energy Bagua. If you are able to practice, you will benefit.

Experience the Wonders of Energy Bagua

Consistent Energy

Get rid of sleepy mornings and afternoon slump. Recharge your body and mind with the fuel you need to flourish and thrive.

Functional Mobility

Reduce chronic pain, numbness, and stiffness. Regain mobility and strength in your arms, legs, neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Better Sleep

Enjoy abundant energy during the day and quality rest during the night. Say goodbye to insomnia and interrupted sleep, and hello to physical and mental health.

Weight Loss

A natural, safe, effective, and long-term fitness practice to lose weight and tone your figure. Start walking toward a healthier you.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Improve your heart, brain, and blood health with regular practice. Start taking care of your health and wellness.

Stress Relief & Good Mood

Practice Energy Bagua in the morning to start your day filled with energy, purpose, and inspiration. Practice Energy Bagua in the evening to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge after a long day.

The wellness practice
for health & longevity.

Tens of millions of people worldwide have improved their health and vitality through practicing Energy Bagua.

Grandmaster JinBodhi, Founder of Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi was the first person to benefit from Energy Bagua. He grew up in poverty and sickness, searching for ways to gain health until he began to learn Energy Bagua and walked into the world of cultivation.

Through the practice of Energy Bagua, the young Grandmaster JinBodhi was freed from illness and pain and began a path of cultivation. With the wish that more people may gain health, Grandmaster JinBodhi integrated the essence of his decades of intense self-cultivation into Energy Bagua.

Energy Bagua quickly became popular and has since brought physical and mental benefits to countless people in more than 50 countries and regions, including Canada, the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

Sign Up for Beginner Energy Bagua Classes

Online Learning

2 Day Class

In this 2-day course, Grandmaster JinBodhi covers the basics: key positions, movements and important guided reminders for Energy Bagua.

Online Learning

6 Day Class

A comprehensive introduction to Energy Bagua from Grandmaster JinBodhi. Take a closer look at the concepts and principles of Energy Bagua.

In-Person Course

7 Day Class

Learn the fundamentals of Energy Bagua from qualified instructors. Get one-on-one, in-person guidance to build a solid foundation.

Student Testimonials

Fu Xiangrui

More Insomnia Testimonials

For over a decade, I only slept 2-3 hours a night. No medication or treatment could help. I also had terrible knee and heel pain. After one month of Energy Bagua, I now sleep soundly for 7-8 hours a night. I can climb the stairs again and have regained my health.

Jiang Yunzhen

More Chronic Pain Testimonials

For 10 years, I had pain and stiffness in my lower back and legs. When I walked, I felt like I was about to collapse. I feared I’d need a wheelchair soon. After 3 months of Energy Bagua, my pain disappeared and I can move with ease again!

Pan Xiuling
Bone Spurs
Zhou Caixia

Blood Sugar &
Blood Pressure

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lin Lihua

Cardiovascular Health

Zhao Shuzi

Frozen Shoulder

Chen Weishen

Liver Health

Liu Sezhen
Knee Pain
Huang Hanming

Kidney Health

Our Locations

Find a location near you to learn Energy Bagua in-person. Free 7-Day Energy Bagua Elementary Classes available in:

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Hours: 9:30 AM–6 PM daily

Toronto, Canada


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New York, USA


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Boston, USA


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Hours: weekends 10AM – 6PM, weekdays 10 AM–5 PM

Learn Energy Bagua from anywhere in the world…

Online Learning

To benefit more people all around the world, in 2022 Grandmaster JinBodhi taught Energy Bagua online for the very first time.

To date, Grandmaster has taught 2 Energy Bagua classes online via livestream.

Both the 6-day “Mysterious Energy Bagua” class and the 2-day “Learn Energy Bagua” class are great introductory classes for beginners.

Get Started Today! 


"I had severe diabetes-related issues, including high blood sugar, numbness in my legs, constipation, and kidney problems. My blood sugar was 5 times the normal level. After practicing Energy Bagua for 6 months, my blood sugar levels dropped back into the normal range, my constipation resolved, my leg numbness improved, and my kidney index became normal."


Quan Mingyu, 60, South Korea

"20 years ago, I developed scoliosis. Despite various treatments, my condition deteriorated to the point where I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. Simple errands caused me unbearable pain. After practicing Energy Bagua for two years, my posture improved, and I have regained full mobility."


Li Shouzi, 80, South Korea

"For over 20 years, I could only sleep 1-2 hours a day. In my 40s, I also started experiencing Meniere's Disease. After 3 months of Energy Bagua, I no longer felt dizzy, my insomnia improved, and I can now sleep without medication for 6-7 hours a night."


Huang Caifeng, 71, Malaysia

"I have been a diabetic for 7 years. After attending the Energy Bagua beginner class and 1 month of daily practice, my blood sugar now remains steady at a normal range (4.5-6.8)."


Phillip Chan, Canada

"For 50 years, I suffered from severe allergies to cold temperatures - wintry weather, air conditioning, even cold foods. I was constantly sneezing and sniffing. After 10 months of Energy Bagua, my allergies stopped, and as a bonus, my chronic gastroesophageal reflux also disappeared."


Li Wanchang, 77, South Korea

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