Replenish energy and rediscover wellness with Energy Bagua.

Energy Bagua is a simple walking meditation practice. It is an easy-to-learn and effective method to boost energy, health, and wellness.

Energy Bagua

– Energy for Life

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Student Testimonial Stories

In February 2019, I injured my hip during a sparring match. My hip joint injury was at the latter stage of stage 3. After 1000 days of Energy Bagua, I can now run and squat without any pain.
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I had an injured shoulder from past Taekwondo competitions. I also had to take medication for my seasonal allergies, otherwise my eyes would be red and uncomfortable. I did 3 – 4 months of Energy Bagua. Since then, I haven’t had allergy or shoulder issues.
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My cholesterol reading, triglyceride index, and liver-function test results were all many times above normal. For three months, I practiced Energy Bagua and improved my lifestyle. Upon retesting, my readings had returned to normal levels.
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Learn More About Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua combines movement with stillness to balance yin and yang energy for holistic health. Tens of millions of people have improved health and vitality through practicing Energy Bagua. Get in touch, and let’s start your journey toward better health and wellness.

I had been suffering from high blood sugar level for almost two decades. I also had fatty liver for 15 years and it was severe enough to cause Type II diabetes. After Energy Bagua, my blood sugar levels and liver health have returned to normal.
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I suffered from chronic headaches, which would happen suddenly, for no reason. My head hurt almost every moment, as if being pulled violently and about to explode. When the pain was severe, I would take four to five painkillers a day. Half a year of Energy Bagua later, my headaches disappeared and haven’t returned.
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What Our Students Have to Say

I developed rheumatoid arthritis, as well as frozen shoulders with joint pain. My hands became swollen, painful, and deformed. I couldn’t open a bottle or pick things up. I practiced Energy Bagua for 1 month. Now, my rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t bother me anymore.

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For the last 10 years, I suffered terrible leg pain. I had to apply medicinal oil every night in order to sleep. 3 years ago, I also developed a painful spinal problem. After 6 months of Energy Bagua, I have left my problems in the past and recovered my health and vitality!

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7 Days to Sound Slumber

I had hot flashes, red cheeks, and a terrible temper during menopause. After practicing Energy Bagua for 1 year, my menopausal syndrome has improved and my dull and flushed skin is brighter and more radiant.

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Follow the energies of Heaven and Earth, experience full relaxation in body and mind, become one with Nature.
Energy Bagua is a self-healing, restoration, and rejuvenation practice for health, longevity, and joy. Consistent Energy Bagua practice can strengthen your body, improve your mood, and help you attain a happy life.
Replenish Energy. Balance Yin and Yang. Cultivate Purity and Perseverance.
Walk Energy Bagua, and begin a healthy transformation of body, mind and spirit.

About Grandmaster JinBodhi, Founder of Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi grew up in poverty, suffering the torment of sickness from a young age. He searched for ways to gain health until he met Grandmaster Ren, began to learn Energy Bagua, and walked into the world of cultivation. Through the practice of Energy Bagua, the young Grandmaster JinBodhi was freed from illness and pain – he was the first person to benefit from Energy Bagua.

In order for more people to gain health, Grandmaster JinBodhi integrated the essence of his many years of intensive cultivation into Energy Bagua. Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from practicing Energy Bagua.