Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Energy Bagua Aerobics has been launched!

Energy Bagua Aerobics is the best exercise routine for home practice. It fully stretches your muscles, opens your meridians and enhances your energy flow.

The movements are simple with specially designed twists.

You can exercise in the comfort of your home. There is no need for a large space or any fitness accessories.

[Benefits of practicing Energy Bagua Aerobics]

  • Lose weight and expel toxins
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve mood
  • Tone your body
  • Increase self-confidence, charisma and fortitude
  • Warm up before practicing Energy Bagua
  • Develop self-defense skills

The “relaxation exercise” will gently adjust your body and mind, helping you return to a calm and balanced state.

This version requires relatively stronger physical fitness and is suitable for:

    1. Young people
    2. People who have practiced Energy Bagua Aerobics (official version) and are ready for more intense exercise.

※ It is recommended that beginners, elderly people and those who are not physically strong click the link below to learn the basic version, which is less intense but still beneficial.

Energy Bagua Aerobics (Official Version) Chinese Version:

The key to the benefits of the “extended version” is not just a longer exercise time. According to the principle of 1+1>2, when 1+1+1 is combined into a whole, the effect will be far greater than the effect of three separated 1s. As for how great the effect will be, please follow the video to experience it for yourself!