What should you do when you’re chronically dizzy? Does medication work, or is it better to just lie down and wait for the dizziness to pass? Is there a more direct solution?
There are many reasons for dizziness, such as menopause, cold draft entering the head, hereditary factors, ear-fluid imbalance, etc. But Grandmaster JinBodhi states that “every problem has a solution.” So, how do we relieve dizziness? If you have been looking for relief for a long time but to no avail, please try this method recommended by Grandmaster JinBodhi.


If you are over 50, feeling dizzy is normal. It could be menopause. Some experience it when they are still young. There are numerous reasons for dizziness. It could be due to spinal problems, cold draft entering your head, hereditary factors, underdeveloped brain, etc. There are many reasons. I am not sure about what caused hers. Like I said, it could be due to menopause.

Some would say that based on Western medicine, an imbalance of ear fluid can also cause dizziness. So dizziness is very difficult to get rid of. Ear-fluid imbalance can easily cause dizziness. People with this have difficulty walking in a straight line. They can’t walk straight with their arms wide open for 10 meters. This disorder is very hard to solve. Every problem has a solution. How? Energy Bagua.

She might feel dizzier walking in circles, but when you can walk 100 circles without feeling dizzy, you become a pro, very skilled. Energy Bagua is extremely effective against dizziness. Your first time, especially the first 10 days doing Energy Bagua, you’d feel dizzy, right? You completely lose your sense of direction while walking. Especially when it comes to changing hands, you don’t know which hand to raise and feel like the 1,000-arm Guanyin Bodhisattva. You are too dizzy to know.

But one day when you are no longer dizzy, it means your brain has regained its balance. You are one step away from being a martial master. If your arms are powerful enough, you become a perfect archer who can shoot with great precision. But if you don’t have this Energy Bagua exercise, you would feel dizzy easily. For dizziness, this is how I would fix it.