Energy Bagua has gone global. Ever since its introduction, multitudes of people worldwide have benefited from this simple practice. How miraculous is this easy-to-learn meditation practice? What are the merits of introducing it?

Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi, the founder and teacher of Energy Bagua.


I learned Energy Bagua when I was young. It became so helpful. The dharma I practiced when I was young is so effective. I’ve taken a complicated form and made it easy. The simpler to learn, the easier to spread. There are many moves designed for fighting. What we want is peace and friendliness, right? No need for movements that hurt. What we learn is the trick to being healthy and living long. How wonderful it is! Everyone is circling around a tree like idiots. But don’t forget we can have longevity like a tree. This is the purpose of learning. When I was young,

I asked my master: “I’m slow. There’s a kid who says I’m slow. You circle around a tree. A tree is slow-witted, are you slow too?”

Master told me: “You’re not slow. A tree lives a long time and so can you.”

I thought: even though I’m an idiot, I can live long. This practice is worthwhile. Thinking of longevity, I started circling around the tree. It’s truly good for our health. Actually, practicing Energy Bagua is as beneficial as Buddha dharma. Apart from giving me confidence, it’s developed my Divine-Eye. Some may wonder: Can practicing Energy Bagua open Divine-Eye? After practicing Energy Bagua for a while, I could see many things. Has anyone seen more things? How? People have clothes on.

Just joking. But opening Divine-Eye is possible. If you’ve not opened yours, it’s your problem. Different people have different capacities and insights. The speed of individual progress varies. Your Divine-Eye may come later, wisdom and health may come first. You can open the gate to longevity. How wonderful! You’re healthy and will live long. Even if you spent lots of money, you couldn’t buy this gift. A wealthy American man lived in Orange County, in the Los Angeles area. Has anyone been there? This local landlord is very rich. Any piece of land can be worth $ 1 million. One-third of the land belonged to him. When he was 76, he was told he won’t live long and was angry.

He said, “I’m rich. I’ll give $1 million to whoever can give me one more year.”

Many doctors’ eyes went green, but they couldn’t extend his life. If he had met me, he would’ve been lucky. What a pity! I could’ve made $1 million a year. So, longevity can’t be bought. It’s up to you to believe it or not. Many illnesses are incurable. It’s not that we can’t afford to see a doctor or take medication. But still, there are many incurable illnesses. Some cause much pain, others less so; some are fatal, others just chronic. Many health issues can’t be treated medically. No one can cure you if you have such an issue. You can only bear it quietly. But Energy Bagua, circling around a tree, is an easy-to-learn method which brings so many people health. It saves huge amount on medical expenses. Regardless of your age, your family will suffer if you’re ill. Someone will have to care for you. How troublesome! Though they put on a brave face, they’re suffering mentally, secretly crying for you. Practicing Energy Bagua makes us healthy. We don’t keep such dharma a secret. Do you want to learn this method to pass it to people in need? If so, just do it. Doing this accumulates immeasurable merit and virtue. Saving one life is worthier than building a 7-story pagoda. What does that mean? If you save someone’s life, you’ll go to Paradise and the Pure Lands. If you save more lives, your whole family’s sins will be eliminated. Your children and posterity will be blessed and protected by such compassionate energy. Their success is your reward.