Wu Deling | New York, USA

Regaining a Healthy Spine

Energy Bagua Improved My Spine

Before being introduced to Bodhi Meditation, I was suffering extreme pain in my sciatic nerve. My lumbar was crooked. My Chinese physician told me that my condition couldn’t be fixed. My massage therapist was unable to provide relief. I spent lots of money on treatments but in vain.  

In 2012, my body started to ache badly and I could hardly walk. Despite my deteriorating health, I continued working to support myself. I am a nurse so the nature of my work is very intense. Before starting a shift, I had to apply medicated plasters from my lower back right down to the soles of my feet. My condition continued to worsen and when I came to attend my first class at Bodhi Meditation, my mother and nephew had to half carry me up the stairs. At the end of that day, after practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination, my mother wanted me to try walking on my own. A thought flashed into my mind in response to her urging: “Impossible!” But I tried, and I could walk without support. I couldn’t believe it. 

In 2013, Grandmaster JinBodhi came to New York and we were all very fortunate to receive Grandmaster’s blessings. Something happened: The protruding bone on my spine seemed to shift back into the correct position. Following that, with the blessings of other teachers, my condition improved further. Since then, my faith in Bodhi Meditation has strengthened. 

Later in 2014, I participated in an Energy Bagua class and loved it. I noted the important key points the teachers emphasized regarding how to practice Energy Bagua correctly. I was serious about learning, even rehearsing movements while cooking. After following the teacher’s guidance and listening to The Celestial Chant, I grasped the essence of Energy Bagua practice. Sometimes, while practicing, I can feel the energy flowing to my palms, and at times my palms feel bloated or itchy. My hip joints also experience energy flow.

The greatest improvement of my spinal problem happened during the Energy Bagua Enhancement Class. My spine is now normal and I hardly feel any pain at all. I can turn my head and twist my waist like healthy people. And, I can now perform my favorite Xinjiang dance again. Simply put, my body has gone back to normal. 

Energy Bagua improved my spinal problem, and I am immensely grateful for this. Equipped with what I’ve learned and through consistent practice, I aspire to help others.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.